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INTERESTED IN ADOPTING ONE OF OUR DOGS?  Visit www.baldisbeautifuldogrescue.org for all the information you need.

June, 2013. We celebrated all 23 of the dogs taken in a year ago from Shelby, NC... 17 dogs and later, 6 puppies.  All of them are living happily in forever homes, surrounded by love.

October, 2013. Our annual auction successfully raised just over $7,000 for the Sunshine Fund. These donations make it possible for us to handle the costs of serious vet care, above and beyond the more typical procedures like spay/neutering, vaccinations and other basic care. Thank you to the dozens of people who stepped up by donating items to the auction, as well as bidding. We could not do this work without your support.

June, 2013. BisB took in 17 dogs from a NC shelter, all Chinese Crested. We had previously taken 5 dogs from the same shelter a couple of years earlier, which included our precious Renee and four boys. We know all of these dogs came from the same place, and so they were all special to us before we even met them.  Taking in 17 dogs at once was surely a challenge, especially when a couple of weeks later, that number increased to 23. But this is why we're here, and our members, foster homes and friends have stepped up to make sure all 23 of these dogs are never living in circumstances like that again.

February, 2013. This month, BisB worked with the Orangeburg, SC Animal Control and Shelter, which had seized a large group of dogs from a breeder last summer. We pulled twelve dogs, 10 HL mixes and two other small dogs. Five of the hairless mixes are now with NakedK9 Rescue and the rest are staying with us until they find their forever homes. 

October, 2012. It's time for our annual auction! To check out all our cool items and bid, visit www.32auctions.com/baldisbeautiful.   Thanks for your support!

March, 2012. As the weather seems unseasonably warm this spring, people are starting to imagine life with a new dog in the home... playing outside, going for walks, taking road trips! Remember, adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment of time, energy and money. Be sure you're sure before you apply!

Christmas, 2011. Wow. There are a lot of dogs celebrating their first Christmas thanks to Bald is Beautiful, and the ongoing support of many volunteers, donors and adoptive families. See them all... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GBs63GlPwA  

September, 2011. It's hard to believe we've been up and running for a year, placing dozens of dogs into new homes an having a wonderful time doing it. To learn more about our rescue, please visit our facebook page: Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue.

July, 2011. This month we are running an auction to raise funds for Bald is Beautiful. Our income goes towards veterinary care for dogs in our rescue, including spaying and neutering, as well as more serious treatment for heart worms, heart murmurs, skin allergies, etc. Thank you for your support!

June, 2011. This month we took in many new dogs. 10 from Texas, rescued from a hoarder/breeder, and 4 from Florida, an owner surrender. Many of these dogs have since been placed into foster homes around the country, where they are continuing their rehabilitation or, in some cases, are ready for adoption.

May, 2011. Jake successfully received his full course of heart worm treatments and has been given a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. He has been adopted and is now living in his forever home in South Carolina. Way to go, Jake!

Adopting A Friend

To adopt one of our dogs, visit http://www.baldisbeautifuldogrescue.org/forms/ and complete the online application. Thank you!  

Be sure to visit our "adoption info" link on the website, to learn more about our fees and requirements for placing dogs into homes. We have an extensive application process, including checking references, an interview and a home visit.   

Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is a national 501c3 non profit organization. We are an independent rescue whose member volunteers have over 20 years of combined experience in the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs in need. Our dogs are examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and receive all medical treatments that our vets deem necessary before they are placed in carefully screened forever homes.





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Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 non profit, an independent rescue whose member volunteers have over 20 years of combined experience in the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs in need.  Our members’ reasons for being in rescue are varied from being compassionate lifetime dog lovers to having bought that “cute little puppy in the window” only to have our hearts broken when they became ill from being born to sick mothers kept in deplorable conditions.  Or when we sadly discovered that the “home raised” pups were, in reality, puppy mill puppies.

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