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Who Are We?

The Susquehanna Valley Collie & Sheltie Rescue [SVCSR] was established in June of 2000. Our main goal is to rescue and care for abandoned, neglected, or abused collies and shelties and place them in loving forever homes. We are committed to educating pet owners on pet care and spay/neuter. SVCSR needs volunteers and foster homes to help us care for the collies and shelties and to help out at events. SVCSR is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation and is recognized as a Pure Public Charity. SVCSR has tax-exempt status with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue and has 501(c)(3) charity status with the IRS. SVCSR has been a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations [PANO].

Can You Help?

To donate to SVCSR, please make checks or money orders payable to “SVCSR” and send them to: SVCSR 450 Gill Road Mifflintown, PA 17059 Please include a SASE if you need a receipt. You can also donate to SVCSR via PayPal. PayPal address is

Considering Adopting a Collie or Sheltie?

Adopting a pet should never be taken lightly. Your pet will depend upon you for his health, food, shelter - for his very existence. A pet needs your time and your love. Each collie or sheltie that comes into the rescue is held for a mandatory two-week evaluation period by rescue and will be immunized and altered prior to adoption. Susquehanna Valley Collie & Sheltie Rescue requires each applicant to complete an Adoption Request, provide a veterinarian reference, a personal reference, and permit a member of the rescue to visit your home (by appointment). Adoption donations are required. All applicants are considered, but the rescue reserves the right to refuse any applicant for any reason.

Where Is SVCSR Located?

SVCSR is located in near Mifflintown, PA .

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Susquehanna Valley Collie & Sheltie Rescue
450 Gill Road

Mifflintown PA 17059
Phone: 717-802-0789
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