Come Meet Our Animals !!

!! Featured Furry Friend !!

Our featured pets are the great group of felines who have been with our rescue waiting for their forever homes for such a very long time. All of these kitties are happy, healthy, and a pleasure to be around. They deserve families to cherish each and every one of them like we do. Galley Girl is a 10 year old long haired cat who is so sweet and special, she even makes best friends with birds. Alice and Esme have been with us since Esme was just a kitten. They have watched the rest of their family go to great homes and are wondering when theirs will come along. Happy is a beautiful gray kitty who has grown up in foster and would easily fit into just about any home situation. Please take a look at these wonderful cats and consider them if you are looking for an awesome cat to add to your family. Adoption fees have been partially sponsored in hopes of seeing these cats find their forever homes soon.

Who We Are

Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue is a private foster-exclusive rescue organization founded in 2000. Since its creation, a dedicated network of foster families and volunteers have banned together to make a difference in the lives of animals who are less fortunate - the abandoned and discarded, the unloved and unwanted, the neglected and abused, the forgotten and overlooked. Every single one of them is a treasure to us and we treat them as such. They remain with us until a forever family comes along who believes in these same things, and will treat them like the treasures they are. Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue saves mostly death-row dogs; dogs who are waiting at a high kill shelter with very limited time, those who huddle in cages hoping that someone will come along and find them special enough to save their life. Often we are a dog's last chance at that life. We are an all-breed/mix-breed rescue who saves as many as we can without prejudice. If they need us and we have a space, we are there for them with hugs and kisses, warmth and security, helping them relax and learn the world is not such a bad place, and that they are loved. We take them out of life in a cage and help them get to a place where they are happy, confident, healthy members of a family, ready to step into a forever home with grace and relative ease. Every one of them is our passion; every one of them is given a piece of our heart that they will carry with them on their journey. Every one of them is family to us forever, wherever they may go, and every adopter becomes a member of our family as well. Every dog is loved, every member of our family is cherished at Home Sweet Home.

What We Do - Our MIssion

Our Mission is to work with the community and other rescue organizations to provide refuge, veterinary care and rehabilitation to animals that have been in shelters, surrendered by owners or found abused, neglected or abandoned. Our Mission extends to educating our community about spaying / neutering animals in order to reduce over population and euthanization of domesticated animals and helping by participating in spay / neuter programs when possible. Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue also reports cases of abuse, cruelty and neglect to the appropriate officals when necessary.

Adopting / Fostering a Friend

As we are a foster-exclusive rescue, we do not have one central location where all of our adoptable pets can been visited. Begin the adoption process by emailing and requesting an application. The adoption process consists first of this application completed and submitted for approval. Once approved, the appropriate foster family will contact you for a meet and greet. A home visit is also a requirement of adoption of any of our rescue babies. Once this process has been completed and approved an invitation to adopt is extended. A legally binding adoption contract is completed and adoption costs apply which vary depending on the rescue costs of each particular dog or animal.

If you would like to join our rescue family as a foster, a completed foster application and an approved home visit is required. Please email us and request our Foster Parent information. Our entire rescue is completely and absolutely dependent upon foster families. If you have love to give, some time to spend, and a little room in your home for a pup that otherwise would not make it out of the pound, if you want to help us in the mission of saving these innocent lives and seeing them off to bright futures, please contact us and join us today!!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of our wonderful and deserving rescue babies, please send us an email requesting an application or further information regarding our adoption and fostering process.