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I would like you to meet Miss Angel. One day several years ago, when I was still breeding rotts, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a local shelter. Of course, I wanted to go. After walking around, I met this little girl barely able to stand up due to total emancipated. I fell to my knees and started crying. I tried to pet her thru the cage wire, and she just pushed her face on the wire for the pet. I was devastated. I immediately went to find a volunteer there to get this sweet girl out of there. They told me she just came in, and that I needed to wait for 3 days for her evaluation. I agreed. After the second day, I called the shelter for a followup, and found out that she was going to be euthanized because of food aggression. I immediately called my state dog warden, and he made phone calls, and I picked her up the next day. I changed her name to Angel and told her she was going to be someones Angel to change their lives, not realizing what an impact she was going to be to me. Since then, I have stopped breeding, and started rescuing locally. Now, I have extended my love for this breed to my neighboring states. I realize that Angel's job was not only to change my life and be my Angel, but also to change all the kids lives I can rescue and to be their Angel. Angel is still with me. And everyday, I look at her, and Thank God she came into my path. Rotties out there, I have your Angel watching over you.

Who We Are

I am a small rescue becoming extremely large due to the constant need to place these lovely dogs. I have worked with rottweilers since 1981. I have worked with humane cases locally, and are very familiar with food aggression, dog aggression and even people aggression. Some of these dogs with the severe issues remain with me until God says otherwise. They are unadoptable. A lot of these kids came from shelters that were strays, so they must be evaluated before I will release them for adoption. Because of the nature of the breed, we do have an adoption application that must be filled out. Once everything has been approved and checked we do have home visits done. Again, this is a must due to the nature of the breed. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! We are pending a 501.3C status

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Please contact me via email in interested in giving one of these angels a forever home

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We are not an open shelter for the public. By appointment only. Call Jeannie at 724-217-5800. Thank you
Rom-Ger-Am Rottweilers

Latrobe, PA 15650
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