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We am dedicated to finding homes for needy Dobermans. Doberman Pinscher Rescue of Western PA. is an all volunteer organization. I am affiliated with many Rescue organizations. As Pinscher Rescue of Western PA, I concentrate on Dobermans mostly in the Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Please take the time to browse our site. Look and read about some of our Dobes and their families that love them.

Adopting a friend

Note to potential adopter: Completely trained, perfectly behaved dogs we do not have. We do however get in dogs that are un-socialized, untrained, badly neglected and sometimes very abused . These dogs are starved for food and attention most of the time. They want to be loved. They want a home to live in, not a filthy cage or yard or tied to a doghouse day in and day out. Some have never had a kind word or gesture, never had a full belly, never warm in the winter or cool in the summer. They have however had frostbite due to inadequate shelter, fly bites in the heat of summer, broken bones and spirits from abuse, and lonely broken hearts as they wonder what they have done wrong. Some have even had the pleasure of seeing the neighboring dogs play with their owner, go for car rides and get a hug and a full bowl of food and water. They are scared, feel unwanted and hopeless. Some are very sick, and some do not even make it, some die, never knowing what love is. This is where you come in. Rescue dogs do need love , they do need a home and they do need your help. Adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter can be the most rewarding experience for both you and a dog. From first hand experience I can assure you the dog you rescue will be one of the best pets you have ever had. He will be thankful for everything you give him, since he probably never had anything before. You will feel the difference in your heart and in his. He or she will give you love unconditionally, and will look to you for guidance. He or she will protect you, love you and adore you for what you have given him food, water, warmth, love and safety. I have included some of the before photos of dogs that where rescued and saved. These dogs have all been placed in loving homes and are now living out their lives happy and contented with people who love them. Below is a poor guy who did not make it, he was starved and infected with fleas. I called him Bo, he was very sweet and loving despite how he was treated, he just wanted to be loved, sadly he was not able to be saved. Will you be one of those people who can save one? Please come see what our dogs have to offer. You will be surprised.

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Doberman Pinscher Rescue Western PA

Doberman Pinscher Rescue of Western Pa.
526 Coal Valley Rd

Clairton, PA 15025
Phone: 412-469-9767

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