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The PFRA of Centre County is a full service ferret shelter. All ferrets are tested for Aleutian Disease Virus prior to coming to the shelter, and they are also up-to-date on their vaccinations (if healthy) for rabies (Imrab-3) and canine distemper (Nobivac DPv) before adoption. For more information on ADV (all ferret owners should have their ferrets tested for ADV), please visit the http://www.ferretadv.com.

Adopting A Friend

If you are looking for a ferret to adopt, please fill out our adoption application (available here http://www.ferretrescue.com/application.htm) and check out the available ferrets listed on Petfinder! You can also email us, in case we have anyone new that hasn't made it to Petfinder, yet :)

Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association (www.ferretrescue.com) is a no-kill ferret shelter. My name is Mary McCarty-Houser and I have had ferrets since 1992. I became a shelter director in 1997, an AFA Senior Title Class ferret show judge in April of 2000 and was the Vice President of the American Ferret Association from January 2001 to March 2006. I volunteer on the shelter, breeder & show committees.

Come Visit Us

The shelter always needs volunteers. If you are interested in visiting the shelter to see what volunteer opportunities are available, please contact me. Hours are weekday evenings by appointment only. Please visit our website at www.ferretrescue.com

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