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Biggs and Snoopy, Pit/mixes, They are father and son! They were supposed to go to a different rescue, but on transport from the kill shelter in NC where they came from, the rescue NEVER showed up to pick them up. They couldn't be sent back to the shelter to die, so they are in a friend's home, but they really need a home of their own! You don't have to adopt both, but If you think you'd like to adopt, just send me an email to ess4us@ptd.net or give me a call for questions at 570-773-3077. If you'd like an application I'll be happy to send you one. Their adoption fee is $200 each. Very nice boys they are. They lived with children previously and were fine with them. They get along well with each other. THANKS for looking!

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I'm not a 501c non-profit organization, right now it's just myself and one other Foster Mom rescueing the dogs that we can and trying to find them new, loving homes. I would love to have people willing to foster a dog or cat so that more animals could get a second chance at finding a loving, forever home. My breed of choice is English Springer Spaniels, but I don't feel that they are the only dogs worth saving. Even mixes are wonderful companions! If someone would like to help foster, you can pick the animal that you want to assist, I won't tell you what you are to foster. Also since I'm not 501c, I can only rescue 1 or 2 dogs at a time as I have 3 dogs of my own and my fosters are kept inside the home as if they were my own dogs. I've had to turn dogs away because I'm full with the fosters that are here and our own dogs. I could truly use foster families! It's really not as hard as you think, and you'd be helping to save lives! More and more people are giving up their pets due to these economic hard times, illnesses, moving to find a job, etc. Please be good to your pet, they depend on you! Also please make sure you spay or neuter your animal to prevent unwanted pregnancies, cancers that develope because the animal is intact, and it helps curb aggression and urinating inside on your furniture/walls! Do you or anyone you know have to give up your pet? If so, PLEASE don't wait until the last week/day to start looking for a home for them and even if you find someone who says Yes, I'll take the dog, get one or two MORE people who will say yes to adopting/taking the dog! Why, when the day comes to actually take the dog, they may have had time to think about it, and said yes too hastily! Then they back out and won't take the dog, what do you do? Pull your hair out! If you have a back-up or two, you may prevent yourself from going bald! Line up a rescue just in case the person changes their mind! Maybe they fell and hurt themselve and is having trouble just taking care of themselves, maybe they got sick, maybe they just became a Grandparent and the dog doesn't like kids, maybe your kids were forced to move back in with you and the dog doesn't like kids. GET A BACK-UP or two! If you have a purebreed dog, you are LUCKIER than the mix breed dog, as purebreds ALL have a rescue willing to help them out! You can find a rescue near you by going to http://www.akc.org under Breed, you will find Rescue, even if it says National or it's not close, WRITE to ANYONE listed, they may know someone in your area, or can get the word out about your dog! They even have purebreed rescue for cats as well! Petfinder has MANY rescues listed, some all breed, usually depending on Volunteers, they are full, but if you don't ask, you don't know! If you are going to post a dog "FREE to GOOD HOME", PLEASE at least ask for a Vet reference, call the Vet and ask if the pet was well cared for, did they bring it in annually for shots? Was it heartworm tested and on prevention? There wasn't any signs of abuse/injuries? 2) Ask for 2 personal references, not family members, as family unless you screwed them over, will give a good eval, ask for non-family references, friends, co-workers, a boss, neighbor, call them to see if they are honest, trustworthy folks, is there any abuse in the family, any drugs, trouble with the law? Call your local shelters and ask if they have been declined to adopt, if so why? Does anyone recognize the name as not being a good adopter? Call the local police dept and see if they know the name, if not at least that's good, better than them knowing the name for bad reasons! ASK to come to their house to see how the animal does at their home, if they say no, don't allow the pet to go there! Ask if you can come back to visit? If no, don't leave the animal there! You've loved that animal for however long you had it, would you like to worry about how's it doing, or know you DID EVERYTHING possible to try and find the bEST home possible for it! WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE YOUR PET AWAY FOR FREE! There are 3 labs alone in Schuylkill County who will accept animals to be used in their tests, anyone can turn them in and receive money for them, unless the animal has been microchipped, they can not use any animal that is microchipped, usually these people can't don't know if a pet is micro-chipped to prove that they are the true owners of the animal. They can lie about where they got them if they get them free from ads, or steal them from your home/backyard.

Who We Are

I don't have a shelter or shelter hours as these dogs live in my home, so appointments are needed to come and meet the potential new family members. . I get fosters from shelters, owner surrenders, possibly a friend will call me and inform me of a dog in need of a foster home either due to neglect or moving, etc. I can only help 1 or 2 dogs at a time due to owning 3 dogs myself. I will ALWAYS take back any dog that I have adopted out, for any reason! The dog is NOT to be given to someone else, without verifying from me first, and I'd need to give written permission for it to be legitimate. The dog is NOT to be taken to a local shelter and dropped off, nor used for medical experiments! The dogs are to live inside, not outside tied up or living in a dog house.They are to be family members and treated/loved as such. If I help a dog, the dog MUST be good with other dogs and no bite history. But sometimes depending on the circumstances, I will foster the dog and evaluate it myself if it does nip someonet It's not always a done deal. I don't claim to be a behavior trainer, nor a Vet tech with medical training, so each and every one of my foster dogs to be seen at the Ringtown Valley Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Ronald Bernhart, Vet. 570-889-5023 where they are checked over for any medical problems, given any shots they may need, and heartyworm and lyme tested and put on both Frontline for fleas, and Interceptor once they are ruled as heartworm neg.

Adopting a friend

These are my requirements for adopting a dog that I have needing a new home. I require an Adoption Application to be completed, I'll be happy to email you the forms, I require 2 personal, non-family members references, and a Vet reference if you've owned other animals previously, those will be listed on the Adoption Application that I can call to verify your references. I require an Adoption Contract completed if you are the person who will be lucky enough to adopt a dog. You and your entire family have to agree on this particular dog, but the dog must also pick you as his/her new family! A home check will have to be completed prior to adoption, if you live close enough to me, I will come and do the home check myself, bringing along the dog that you're interested in adopting so that I can see if it will be a match for both of you. If you don't live close enough, I'll arrange for someone else to do the Home Check. As, I'm on Social Security Disability, my adoption fees are to recoup the Vet Bills, so each dog could be a different Adoption Fee. If the dog is already spayed/neutered the fee will be less, but if a dog needs to be spayed/neutered, get all of his/her shots, and heartworm tested, this is all costing approx $225.00 or more As The Vet prices increase, so does my adoption fee to help cover the expenses. Also depending on the breed of dog, more expenses to ensure the health of the dog may be required which increases the adoption fee. . But, in return you are getting a dog without parvo, heartworms, and be in good health that without unforseen complications/accidents, you shouldn't need any medical treatment, other than Interceptor and Frontline, for a year.

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Appointments are required as there is no shelter, just my home to view the dogs at. This means though I can usually accomondate hours that are best for you and myself.
Julies HUGS-(Helping Us Get Safe)
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