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Year of the Rabbit - Share your home and adopt a bun..

Foster a shelter pet - give a bunny a chance to know love and happiness


Help a foster pet and purchase a calendar for only $10.  Features many of our adopted rescued bunnies.

Luv-N-Bunns is looking for volunteers to foster for short or longer terms .

Did you know that rabbits are the 3rd most euthanized pet? They don't have to be if you would think rescue versus retail

Spaying and neutering not only increases their life span, it makes them easy to litter train and much more affectionate without raging hormones

Shelter's current news

2011 is the year of the rabbit but it won't be a happy time for the many that are purchased from pet stores as starter pets. Rabbits can live 10 or more years and required a permanent committment. If you are thinking about getting a pet why not try fostering first to see if you are really committed to the long term committment it takes. Think about what you will do during vacations, summer weekends at the beach and holidays. Will you be willing to pay for care for your pet or take them with you. Rabbits are wonderful house pets as they make very little noise, can be fully litter trained, can learn about 20 voice commands and are very sociable. They also sleep while we are at work or school so they don't mind the 8-10 hours while your are at work. Feel guilty about working too much, adopt a bonded pair. They share everything and will keep each other company when your busy schedule does not permit you to give them enough one on one time. Also consider an exercize pen attached to the cage, This limits the freedom while giving your bunny (or pair) lots of room to play and exercize. Please visit rabbits rescue sites before going to a store. A rabbit spay/neuter can cost $200-$400 and is required for a happy healthy pet.

Who We Are

Luv-N-Bunns is a new name for an experienced group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue of rabbits from local shelters. We are committed to spaying and neutering all rabbits prior to adoption and rehabilitating rabbits that have been traumatize or abused. Luv-N-Bunns will match the bunny's personality with that of a loving family that understands their needs. Our goal is to educate the public that House Rabbits are not Wild Rabbits and cannot survive in the wild. Luv-N-Bunns works with other rabbit rescue groups and the Bunderground Railroad. Luv-N-Bunns works with rabbit owners anywhere to answer your questions about your bunny regardless of where you got him. We want to make your experience with a House Rabbit a wonderful and rewarding one.

Sponsor a Foster Bun

Can't have a pet due to allergies, etc. Why not sponsor a foster pet? Your donation of $50 makes you an honorary sponsor. For your donation you will receive a beautiful picture and certificate to display.

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To visit our bunnies, please contact us to make an appointment at luvabunn@aol.com
P.O. Box 16

Broomall, PA 19008

Email: luvabunn@aol.com
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