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Distinguished Dobermans Rescue

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We are based out of Moon Township, PA - a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.

We serve PA, NY, NJ, MD and their surrounding states.

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We attempt to move the adoption process along as quickly as possible, but we do ask for your patience.  Please understand that we work very hard to save these wonderful dogs and we always have their best interests at heart. 

We want to find the absolute best match between dog and family.

Step One:  Is a Doberman Right for You?

If this is your first Doberman, please research the breed and be sure a Doberman will fit into your lifestyle.  It is extremely important we ensure each rescued Doberman is able to remain in its new adoptive home for the rest of its life.  Please contact us if you have questions about the breed or owning a Doberman.  Also, please review our Resources page for more information.

Step Two:  Complete our Adoption Application

You must complete our adoption application.  We require answers to several questions as well as three personal references and one veterinary reference.  All current pets MUST be up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered.  If they are not, please provide the reason(s) why.  We also network with many local rescuers, so please let us know if you have applied with anyone else.  Also, it is a requirement that all dogs adopted through DDR remain on heartworm preventative for the rest of their lives - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Step Three:  Meeting the Doberman and the Home Visit

Once your application has been reviewed and your references have been checked you will be able to meet the Doberman you are interested in adopting.  We also ask that your entire family (including all other family pets) be available to meet the Doberman.  We will need to visit your home prior to finalizing the adoption.  We normally like to bring the Doberman to your home to meet your family and your other pets.   We do a home visit to see where the Doberman will be living and also to observe the Doberman's interaction with you, your family and the other pets in your home.  Our home visits normally last an hour or two.  This is also a good time to discuss any concerns and/or questions you may have about owning a rescued Doberman. 

Please keep in mind adoptions are at our discretion.  We can refuse an application for any reason.  We will only introduce you to dogs we feel will fit into your lifestyle and circumstances.  You are under no obligation to adopt any dog we introduce to you and your family.  Please do not be afraid to express questions and/or concerns when meeting the rescued Doberman.  We want this Doberman to remain a member of your family for the rest of his/her life.

**We do not have a designated adoption area.  We have volunteers in PA, NY, WV, VA and NJ.  We are open to reviewing applications in these states as well.

Step Four:  Completing the Adoption Contract Once you, your family and DDR feel as though a match has been made, you will be required to complete an adoption contract.  Please be sure you are willing to comply with all aspects of our contract.  This is also the time to address any questions you may have about our contract. 

Our contract includes a section that lists everything in detail we know/have learned about the Doberman.  We include this information in an attempt to make the transition easier for everyone.   We include current feeding schedules, potty schedules (any known cues), sleeping arrangements, likes, dislikes, known commands, etc. 

We also include a small bag of the food your new Doberman is currently eating.  In most cases we do not require the new home to feed a specific food, however, there are some exceptions.  Some dogs may need to eat certain foods for medical reasons.

An adoption donation is also required at this time.

An adoption donation is also required at this time.

Adoption Fee:

(Please note as of October 8th, 2014, our adoption fees have increased.)

Pure Breeds (Any Pure Breed)

Puppies up to six months: $450

7 months - 12 months: $400

1 year - 3 years: $350

4 years - 6 years: $325

Seniors and Special Care: Case By Case

Special Needs Dogs: Case By Case

Mixed Breeds (Any dog that is clearly a mix of two or more breeds)

Puppies up to six months: $350

7 months - 3 years: $300

4 years - 6 years: $250

Seniors: Case By Case

Special Needs Dogs: Case By Case  

Your adoption donation helps defray the costs incurred while the Doberman is in our care. 


Continued Contact with DDR:

DDR communicates with the new adoptive family several times during the first few weeks after adoption.  We address any issues that may arise with the family and/or the new Doberman.  If there are any issues, we want to be able to address them immediately rather than allowing things to get worse.  Once the Doberman has settled in, we occasionally check in to see how things are going.  We encourage the adoptive families to contact us at any time with concerns or questions.  We are always here to assist the new adoptive home in any way possible.

Contact does continue for the entirety of the Doberman's life.

If the Doberman can no longer remain in the adoptive home, he/she MUST be returned to DDR.  The Doberman must not be sold or given away.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

DDR reserves the right to reclaim any Doberman that is neglected, not properly cared for and/or  permitted to roam freely.

Distinguished Dobermans Rescue, Inc
PO Box 583
Moon Township, PA 15108

Email: info@ddrinc.net
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