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No two animal rescues are alike. Keep in mind that you are dealing with people so the differences will be numerous. If one rescue turns your application down do not worry there is a rescue that you will fit into. Here are some of the things that different rescues look at and things about rescues you need to consider.

1. HOME VISITS Some require home visits. This is when a representative of the agency comes into your home to determine if your home is adequate for a dog. Personally our rescue does not do this. We question the qualifications of any person in this role. What are their credentials to do this? What makes a happy home for a dog or a cat? We believe it is love, food, and good medical care. We do not care if your house is large or small; clean or dirty (in fact I would be more worried about immaculate homes as they are going to be less tolerant of the mess an animal can make); or owned or rented. We personally may check with your landlord to make sure you are allowed to have that dog but that is as far as we go.

2. CHILDREN Many groups do not adopt to families with small children. We do. I have children and have always had pets. Pets help children to love other living things including people. There is no better gift you can give a child than to learn to love and care for God's creation. Now that said, there are some dogs that may not be appropriate for small children. Very shy dogs that may have fear issues my turn and bite a small child if startled, dogs with aggression issues, and sometimes very small frail dogs. The majority of dogs do GREAT with children. It is the parents who need to supervise and nurture that relationship.

3. FENCED IN YARDS Many groups will not adopt to someone unless they have a fenced in yard. Personally for my group this is one of the greatest injustices done to a potential adopter. I personally do not have a fenced in yard and I would like to tell you that I am a great dog owner. I have a small farm and my dog comes with me off leash on chores. She has been trained formally and has her CD title in obedience. Fenced in yards can be an easy way out for an owner. Just open the door and put the dog out rather than walking him around the block or town meeting other people and dogs and spending time with his owners. We ask about a fenced in yard because some dogs, just a few mind you will need this. An example is a Great Dane mix with the energy of a Jack Russell. Knowing your situation helps guide us to help you choose the right dog for you.

4. VET CHECKS Most rescues ask you for your vets name and phone number. Our rescue does this as well. This is to call your vet and make sure that you are a regular client and have a history with them. Some rescues will not adopt to you if your dog has missed a vaccination other just want to see a fairly regular history. Our rescue wants to see a history. I care more about your pet being see by the vet when he was ill than a consistent vaccination history. Many people, myself included opt not to vaccinate their elderly pets for anything other than rabies which is required by law. HINT: if your vet info is not on an application and the dog is a popular dog on the web site your application will often be put aside. Complete applications will be looked at first. Make sure the rescue group knows what name your pets vet records are kept under as well.

4. PERFECT HOMES Many groups look for perfect homes and turn down applications that are less than perfect. The problem with this approach is that THERE ARE NO PERFECT HOMES. People are human and humans by nature are not perfect. Our rescue is NOT looking for perfect homes, we want good homes. We are not fanatical in our screening processes. We are looking for homes that will LOVE, feed, and vet these animals. We are saving animals that would otherwise die in the euthanasia rooms of our countries high kill shelters. We have found that our screening techniques have the same success rates as "stricter" rescue groups but we are able to save more dogs because we can adopt them faster. Keep in mind here that many rescuers bond closely with the animals they have saved and have a hard time letting them go so some of the "over the top" behavior is a result of the love they have for these animals. I guess that I can get past that easier as I have pictures on my desk of dogs that will die in the next week if I don't get the ones I have good homes. Also sadly the list never ends. It is like laundry. You finish it all and the basket is full the next day.

5. ATTITUDES - This is one that you have to get a feel for. EVERY group is run differently. First of all there are groups that run as a 501c3 which simply means that they have paid about a $1,000 to get a nonprofit status. This enables them to apply for grants and for donators to deduct their donations on their taxes. This is usually an indicator of a group on the right path but keep in mind that groups making under $25,000 do not have to file taxes with the government and there for have little regulation. There are also very good rescues without this status. It is the people and the motivation of the people that is the most important. FYI, Save a Pet does not have its 501c3. A 501c3 has to have a board of directors and most are legimate but having this status is absolutely NO guarantee that the group is legit. Crossing Paths in Alabama is a 501c3. Good luck in you adoption or rescuing.

Look at our Dogs in Alabama

We adopt dogs from our own rescue but we primarily help a rescue located in Alabama. Please consider saving one of the pets at Crossing Paths, who may not have another option for a home! Transport is available to the north east as far as New Hampshire. We also have transport to Ohio. We have been doing this program since 2006. We are successful because we honestly represent our dogs, our dogs are pulled into our program because of their outstanding temperments, and we support our adopters. We are proud to say that at least 10 percent of our adoptions are repeat adopters or friends and relatives of happy adopters.

These people are honest wonderful people. Our rescue has gone down to Alabama and met the members of Crossing Paths and their dogs. We also visited their shelter and met their shelter manager and dog warden. We are overwhelmed by the positive support we continue to receive. We are adopting out so many wonderful dogs. Mostly by word of mouth from the hundreds of happy adopters. We are grateful for the kindness we have received from all involved. We will continue to help this rescue save the lives of these deserving dogs. We are getting stronger and better every day. Thank you all for your wonderful support in helping these dogs.

Fees to adopt a dog from Crossing Paths are as follows:

Dogs - The total cost is $360 unless other wise stated. This includes spaying/neutering, heartworm testing, vaccination for rabies and distemper, treatment for fleas, health certificate ,worming and transport costs. You get a completely vetted dog and you are saving an animal that would have most certainly been killed. For dogs from the south. The dogs that are in PA are in foster homes. We do not have a shelter. After you fill out an application we will check your references and then give you a call. We can not respond to casual questions or requests without an application. The majority of local dogs we post are from persons needing help placing their dogs - they are NOT part of our rescue. We only act as a "newpaper classified ad" for them. We will help facilitate but we do not accept money nor responsibility for the adoption. It is a courtesy to the public and the animals.

Puppies - $270.00 unless other wise stated. This includes vet check, worming, first distemper vaccination, health certificate(required by law) and flea treatment.

Our new feral cat trap, neuter, and return is really taking off and we are grateful for all the local support. We are in the process to reaching out to other rescues interested in this program. This is the absolutely answer for the cat over population in our county and in the nation.. Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Our Featured Pet...

Meet PD !(click here to see more pictures)!

PD is an adorable 14 week old puppy, we believe this dog is lab, bull dog. Some of his siblings are aussie/bulldog. It is hard to call you have to see him and figure it out yourself. He is outgoing and a really nice sweet dog. He would be a great family pet and we are recommending him with children. He is just a great puppy. He is on our site along with a video of him in action. He really is a special puppy .

We fully support Crossing Paths Animal Rescue in Alabama. We are acting as an advertisement for this group of wonderful dedicated persons to get their rescue some Yankee exposure. The adoptions we recommend from Alabama are actually done through Crossing Paths Rescue and are done as direct adoptions. Adoption fees are paid to Crossing Paths and the contracts are in Crossing Paths name. They pull their dogs from a local high kill shelter. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Again thank you for your support and help.

If you are interested in a dog we have dogs in PA that we help adopt for persons no longer able to keep their dogs and we also facilitate adoptions for dogs from our "sister" rescue in Alabama. They have every breed and every age. Crossing Paths has a 97 percent success rate with over 500 placements of dogs from the south in the past 12 months. These dogs are adopted all across New England and the adoptions are direct from Alabama. These animals are honestly represented. Their adoption fees include spaying/neutering on dogs 6 months or older, heartworm testing, rabies and distemper vaccinations, and worming. All animals have health certificates as required by law to transporting them across state lines and that health certificate is in the name of the adopter as they are the owner of the dog when it leaves Alabama. The rescue in Alabama will test them with cats and other dogs for you and they can be shipped to PA as well as throughout New England. They have excellent references and and an excellent reputation. Please go to the Alabama site by clicking on the following link. They are killing 40 to 50 dogs and PUPPIES every week down south. Only the very highly adoptable dogs are pulled from the high kill shelter. I promise you, you will be very happy if you choose this option. Bless you for looking to adopt a rescue dog.


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Who We Are

We are a very small group of people attempting to make a difference in the lives of animals in need of homes and shelter. Presently we are new and have very limited funds. 100% of all money donated to us goes directly for the care for the animals. Presently we do not have a phone and want to be a e-mail only based rescue. We all work and have families like most of you reading this posting and the phone really takes valueable time away from us that we can be spending with the animals. If you are interested in adopting an animal on our site please contact us. If you need help placing an animal email us with a very detailed explaination of your situation and we will promptly return your email and let you know if we can help you. If you can make a donation of any amount we will be very grateful and I will be able to tell you exactly how your money was spent. If you want to donate please contact me for more information.

Thank you

Linda Diver

Save A Pet

Why Bring Dogs Up From the South Don't We Have Dogs Here That Need Help????

1. Yes there are dogs being euthanized in our back yard. But there are NO puppies being euthanized. There are 10 applications for every local puppy. PA is the puppy mill capitol of the Northeast. The reason the puppy mills thrive is because there is a market here. A need is being met. People who want puppies want puppies. If they can not find one in their local shelter, which they usually cannot, they will look elsewhere. It is a no brainer to us to facilatate the adoption of beautiful puppies that are being killed in the high kill shelters of the south. It meets a need for puppies in the north and puts a small dent in the puppy mill trade. A win win situation in our opinion.

2. A dog being killed in a shelter is a dog being killed. It does not matter if he is dying in Pennsylvania, Alabama, or any other state. Compassion should not be limited to location. All life is worth saving.

3. One of the repeating statements I get from potential adopters is that they have looked in their own shelters and cannot find a dog that will fit into their home. Many have younger children and are uncertain about taking in an adult dog with no history. Many report that their shelters have mostly bully breeds or dogs with aggression issues. Sadly pit bulls and other bully breeds often get a bad rap when many of them have wonderful temperments. But often, they are simply not the breed that people are looking for. Also in our busy lives people often do not want to take on a "project" dog. This is a dog with "issues" that need an experienced dog owner who really knows EXACTLY what they are doing. With out that experience it is a disaster in the making. There are wonderful friendly dogs out there dying in the shelters of the south. These are the dogs we target to pull from the euthanisa rooms of the south and we do this well. We do not take in dogs with obvious aggression issues.

Come Visit Us!

All of our companion animals are located in foster homes. We do not have a shelter that you may come and visit. Please email us to set up a time to see specific animals you might be interested in.

If you have a donation and would like to send it to us, please send it to Or click on this link to make a donation through our Pay Pal account.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting please email me your contact infomation including name and phone number. Provide information bout your home situation - other pets- children and any think else you would like to tell us about your living situation. Also include your current vet's name and phone number and the name of your pets seen by this vetand the name your account is under at the vet's office. We do check vet references and this is just to make sure that our animals are going to legitimate homes and are not being sold to labs or used as bait for fighting dogs. Thank you for understanding! We put a lot of time and love into these animals and we feel responsible to send them off into better lives!

Our adoption fees are generally as follows:

Cats $50 to 75.00 - includes spaying or neutering, testing for leukemia and aids, worming and vaccinations

Kittens $50.00 - includes first vaccinations and testing for feline leukemia and aides.

Dogs - fees vary see individual descriptions- usually about $360.00 based on degree of vetting provided

Puppies - $270 including, first vaccinationsand worming

How Can You Help

!There are sooo many ways you can help. I will list a few:

Fostering - fostering is a great way for someone who is interested in direct care of animals to help. Our foster homes are able to choose if they want kittens, puppies, a dog or a cat. They are also able to choose if they want to nurse an injured pet back to health. You can take one or ten animals. We are very flexible and will provide a great deal of support to you. We can provide puppy pens, kitten cages, and vet care. We like to request that foster homes provide food for the animals but if that is a problem we can provide that as well. Also fostering is the best way to find the perfect pet. If the pet fits into your life you can adopt, if not we adopt the pet to the home that is right for that animal. So you think that you are unable to foster because of your other animals??? Read this!! So many people want to foster but are afraid of mixing their animals, especially cats. What I have done for years is place a cat in my bedroom and in my son's bedroom. That room is off limits to other cats. My dog sleeps in my bedroom and is very good with cats. By setting it up this way I get to know the personality of the animal so I can represent it well to potential adopters and I am able to keep harmony in my home with my own animals. It is also a GREAT way to teach compassion to our children. You can request the type of cat that will fit into your home. All will be neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and tested for leukemia to prevent any health issues. I will even have an idea about their personalities. This really works!! Consider it, even once.

Transporting - This is a major area that help is needed. We need animals to be transported to our vet -in Brodsville, to a spay neuter clinic in Brodsville (), and we also need persons to assist with transporting trapped feral cats from the trapping location to the holding location and back when they are ready to be released. Transporting is always on weekdays and is early morning and then late afternoon for pick ups.

Fundraising This is a vital area. We need people who are interested in running or helping with fundraisers. We need ideas and persons willing to follow through with them.

Donations - We need several types of donations. We need puppy pens, crates, animal carriers, cat playpens, large scratching posts, and PAPER TOWELS. We also need "wee wee" pads for puppies, puppy and dog collars and leashes. Even though we are a rescue we need these items to be in good to excellent condition and in very good working order. Time is the most valueable aspect of our rescue. We need to make the work of any volunteer and/or foster family as minimal as possible and good equipment in good working order is a necessity. Also rusty or damaged items turn adopters off minimizing adoptions. We do not need food as we are looking at getting bulk donations for these items.

All of these "jobs" are very important and we will welcome any help. We will never ask you to do more than you are comfortable with and not only will we be grateful for your help but we will show it too!!

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