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Some things to consider before you fill out our adoption application...
1. Please make sure everyone in your household is ready to adopt a new pet.
2. Please understand that our adoption fee is $300 because each of our animals for adoption are spayed/neutered(excludes puppies ), dewormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. If you do not want to pay this or can not afford it, please do not fill out our adoption application.
3. Please make sure you are with in driving distance of Chester Springs PA. If that is too far from you please do not fill out our adoption application.
4. You must be prepared to sign an adoption contract in which you will agree to take care of your new pet for the rest of its life, take it to the vet for yearly check ups, and provide it with training whether it be housebreaking or obedience.
5. Your current pets must all be up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered to be considered by Phoenix Animal Rescue for adoption.

Our adoption process:
1. You submit an application for the animal you are interested in.
2. We check your references and vet records.
3. If we like your application, references and previous vet history then we schedule a personal interview during which a Phoenix Animal Rescue representative will meet you and your family and you will meet the dog you are interested in. (You must be able to come to us in Chester Springs, PA to meet the dog, if you can not please do not apply.)
4. Then we will let you know if you are officially approved and when you may take the dog home.
5. Phoenix Animal Rescue does not always require a home visit but we do reserve the right to require one if we feel it is necessary.

Please remember that we sometimes have a lot of people applying to adopt the same animal. Please only email us once, multiple emails will only clog our inbox and make it more difficult for us to get to all the applications.


Phoenix Animal Rescue is trying to do the best we can! But without any funding things are tight. Please consider sponsoring one of our babies if you can not adopt. We absolutely need foster homes. This is the best way you can help us. We understand that not everyone can do that but that is what we need the most. We need all the help we can get whether is is physical or financial. Every $5 or $10 helps! .

Who We Are

Phoenix Animal Rescue is a very small rescue run out of foster homes. We take in local unwanted pets and animals from shelters. We have also rescued farm animals such as goats and pot bellied pigs and even horses! Please feel free to email us with any questions! *** Please note that it does take us a few days to review applications and get back to you about the dog/cat/animal you are interested in. If you are looking to obtain a pet immediately, this is probably not the best route for you. Please understand that we can not always get back to everyone. If you don't hear back from us about a submitted application, then you were not chosen to adopt the animal and please continue your search. But please watch this if you are thinking of getting a puppy from a petstore. It generally takes about a week from the time you fill out your application, until you get to come visit the dog if your application is approved. ***

If you have an animal you would like to turn in to us please let us know. We need information such as breed, age, sex, neutered/spayed, and is it up to date on vaccinations. At this time (as long as we have a place to put them) we are accepting dogs, puppies, small animals, birds, and reptiles. We do not accept owner surrender cats at this time.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a friend is simple. Please go to our website to find an application. Once you have been approved which we will let you know, you can set up an appointment to come visit that particular animal. If you do not hear back from us you have not been chosen to adopt that pet. But if you are chosen to meet the dog and you like them and they like you, and all of your references have checked out, then you may adopt! Please contact us with any questions on any animal. We do ask that if you fill out an application for a pet that is here at Phoenix Animal Rescue and then adopt a pet through another organization, you let us know asap. It takes a lot of our time to go through and process applications and it is a waste of valuable time if you are not still interested in adopting through us.

Come Visit Us!

Phoenix Animal Rescue is by appointment only. We do not have a shelter facility. The adoption process must be followed if you would like to meet one of our adoptable pets.

Phoenix Animal Rescue
Chester Springs, PA 19425

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