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Education Days at Petco!

Once a month Wheek Care sets up a table at the Fox Chapel Petco in the Waterworks shopping center to show off guinea pigs, educate families on proper cavy care and so much more.

Adopting A Friend

Adoption through Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue is not only rewarding but also very easy! 
Here's a quick look at our adoption procedure:
  • Email/Call/Text us with what pigs you are interested in 
  • Complete an adoption application and submit it for approval
  • Upon approved adoption application you can schedule a meet and greet with our adoptable pigs that meet your personality and needs
To ensure that our guinea pigs are going to have the best possible setup when they're adopted we require either a C&C Cage or a Midwest cage be used to house the adopted piggies. These cages ensure ample space for the pigs to stretch and play, reduce chances of dominance fights (because of the size), provides ease of cleaning, and in the case of a C&C Cage - can be customized based on your preference on size, color, decorations, etc. 

Who We Are

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue's mission is to provide rescue, medical, and sanctuary services to all guinea pigs while also providing boarding, grooming, bonding, respite and hospice services to cavies.

Medical Care
Wheek Care provides medical care to any guinea pig with health issues. Guinea pigs with health complications preventing adoption will remain within Wheek Care until the health issues are resolved. In some cases, the guinea pig will need sanctuary at Wheek Care for the remainder of its life, no matter how long that may be. Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue also provides palliative and respite care when deemed necessary. 

Adoption & Fostering
Adoptions occur through the Wheek Care website, Petfinder, and local events in our communities. Fosters are utilized in situations such as a guinea pig needing socialization, rehabilitation, medical care, and even respite. 

Guided by decades of experience and a general passion for guinea pigs, Wheek Care is qualified to educate the general public and potential adopters on proper guinea pig care.The goal of education is to assist people in becoming better equipped to care for their own guinea pigs, as well as making informed decisions as to whether or not a cavy is the right companion animal for their families. 

Come Visit Us

We operate on an "appointment only" basis.  Please contact us via phone call, text, or email to set up an appointment to visit our rescue. 


Julene Robinson - 724.448.2107 - julene312@comcast.net

Mark McClure - 412.398.1603 - mark@wheekcare.org

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