Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania

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Take a look at both Bryce and Suzy. They are wonderful, terrific pets who would love to come to your home and make a great companion.


If you see a Great Pyrenees on our Pet List that you are interested in ask yourself these questions..... Can I handle keeping an eye on this Pyr? He or she will tend to want to roam so must be leashed or fenced. Can I afford a dog this big?? They are quite expensive to maintain. Can I handle their barking? They are big barkers because they are guardians at heart. Can I handle the shedding and slobber?? Can I handle the big chewing and scratched up floors? Can I handle my children around my Pyr and my Pyr around my children?? Adding a big dog is like adding another or a child. If after going through these questions you are still interested in the Pyr please feel free to write or call for more information. The application for adoption is at our website . Inquiries for adoption from Western Pennsylvania

Who We Are

Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania - Rescue fosters, vets, transports, and rehomes Great Pyrenees in the South Western PA regions. We operate under the guidelines and ethics of the Great Pyrenees Club of America. (Please note: The GPCWP can not take in any further rescues or foster dogs at this time.) Thank you.

Adopting a friend

Visit our website to download an application for adoption. Email, fax, or mail the application in and we will call or write with possible matches as soon as possible.

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Learn more about the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania, the breed, our available Pyrs and more at our website...

Click here for a list of the pyrs we have in rescue

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