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Judge's Park

Our Adoptable Pet List

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Judge's Park accepting limited intake for rescue animals

Judge's Park is currently closed for intake. Please DO NOT let animals loose outside. Domesticated rabbits and other small animals CANNOT survive outside and will DIE. We will help you place the animals if you think that is your only option. We ask that if you are surrendering an animal that you give us their cage, and other supplies. If possible, we ask for a cash donation to cover their care while they are here (including spay/neuters for rabbits and food and supplies while they are here for adoption). If cash donation is not possible, we also will accept bags of bedding (Aspen or recycled newspaper beddings), bales of timothy or grass hay, bags of Oxbow food, towels, blankets, laundry detergent or dish soap (please free and clear of dyes and chemicals), and other things on our wish list.

Deals on bunny adoptions!

We are currently offering that if you are looking to adopt a bunny as a companion for your current rabbit (i.e. to eventually have a bonded pair), the adoption fee for the rabbit will be lowered to $50. (All other single rabbit adoption fees are $60 which include spay/neuter and first vet visit). Also, our bonded pairs are being lowered to $75 for the pair (adoption fees for a pair are usually $100). Please email at for more information on adoption!!

Holidays and Rabbits

We DO NOT adopt out rabbits for holidays or as holiday presents. Many times people think that rabbits are the perfect gifts, and they are without a doubt not. They are pets that require a lot of responsability and attention, and they are not recommended for children under 10. They must have large size cages or 4' x 4' puppy pens with plenty of out of cage time. They should not be outside under any circumstances. They are too sensitive to temperature changes and predators and their life span is twice as long if they live inside. They must also be spayed and neutered, and must make trips to the vet if they are sick and/or not eating. They are not cheap animals. They require a specialized diet of hay, high quality pellets (without any added "treats"), and 2-3 servings of veggies a day especially dark, leafy greens. With that said, they make amazing, affectionate, litter box trained, wonderful companions, but you must do your research on them first. Please see for more information.

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If you would like to join our mailing list, please send an email to to be added. Just write a small note saying that you want to be placed on our mailing list for updates. If you have adopted from us and your email address has changed, please send me an email so we can keep in touch!!

Our featured pets!

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Non profit

Judge's Park is now a 501c3 non-profit!

Our recommendations

We recommend before you adopt that you research the animal you are adopting!!! For rabbits, go to For guinea pigs, go to or Please research the animal you want to adopt!!!! These are new family members that require you to know very specifically about their needs. Any questions you have about adoption or care can be sent to Judge's Park and we will try and answer any question you have! We do NOT recommend rabbits for children under about 10. Rabbits are very fragile and can be stressed easily. Getting a rabbit as gift for a child is a recipe for disaster. We recommend rabbits for houses with adults exclusively or houses with adults and older children. If there are younger children, they must not be unsupervised with the bunny, and the adults must be the primary caretakers in ALL situations.



We are in desperate need of current adopters, fosters, and volunteers! Please email us at for more information!

Judge's Park is official! Though small, we will grow large in time. As of now I just have small animals for adoption, but in the future I hope to progress to all animals. I sometimes accept small animals: we ask for a $20.00 fee per cage to cover expenses while here and/or all current supplies you have. I can complimentarily list guinea pigs or rabbits if you send me a digital picture on email and a description. WE DO NOT TAKE IN DOGS OR CATS, or anything larger than a rabbit. Please do not call about us taking in dogs or cats, we do not have the space or money for them.

Who We Are

I am a very small rescue, helping as many animals as I can. Currently I am working out of my home, but hopefully will someday move to a bigger facility and start adopting out dogs, cats, horses, and other assorted animals! The shelter is named after my soulhorse, a horse who inspired me to do what I do, and who died before we had nearly enough time together. This is for you Judge...

Adopting a friend

**“Please email if you are interested in adoption. We respond to all emails within 24 hours. If you have not heard from us within that space of time, email again at our main email or our alternate email, . If we still have not responded to emails, call, 724-272-0378. We may be having issues with our email account.**To adopt one of my animals, you must be fully screened and compatible with the animal you are interested in. I do not accept everyone to take animals!! If you are deemed able to adopt one of my animals, you will hear from me very quickly. If not, I apologize! A submitted application is not a guarantee that you will recieve the animal you are applying for. Judge's Park reserves the right to reject anyone, at any time in order to get the best home for the animal. Once approved, you must sign a contract indicating that if you cannot take care of the animal, it must be returned to me! All applicants must research the animal that they are involved with. I WILL NOT SHIP ANIMALS. It is dangerous and too stressfull for the animal. I will not adopt my animals out if the adopter is below the age of 18 (a parent must be the primary adopter and sign the paperwork). Guinea pigs and rabbits are not suitable pets for small children!!! Guinea pigs should either be adopted in pairs, or be adopted into a home with another guinea pig. Adoption fees (suggested donations) are $20.00 for a single guinea pig, $35.00 for a pair. Rabbits adoption fees vary (see individual rabbit's page), and rats and hamsters are $10.

Come Visit Us (hours by appointment only)!

We are currently in Edinburg, PA close to New Castle, Youngstown, and within an hour and a half of Cleveland and an hour from Pittsburgh. Appointments must be made.
Judge's Park

Edinburg, PA 16116
Phone: 724-272-0378

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