North Shore

Adoption Hours
Monday: 12 pm to 7pm
Tuesday: 10am to 7pm
Wednesday: 10am to 7pm
Thursday: 10am to 7pm
Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

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1101 Western Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15233
(412) 321-4625

Fallen Timber

Adoption Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11am to 6pm
Thursday: 11am to 6pm
Friday: 11am to 6pm
Saturday: 11am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 3pm

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1680 Fallen Timber Road
Elizabeth PA 15037
(412) 751-2010

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

At the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, the area's oldest and largest animal welfare organization, we believe that every pet deserves a loving home and the chance to be someone's best friend. Since 1874, we have been providing shelter and care for Pittsburgh's unwanted animals - over 129 years of matching wonderful pets with wonderful people.

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS) was originally founded in 1874 to prevent cruelty and protect the lives of children, the elderly and animals within the region. Today we operate 2 shelters in Allegheny County. We work to prevent cruelty to animals, provide care to pets in need, promote adoption for the homeless pets in our region, and strengthen the pet & people bond. WPHS operates as an “open-door” shelter maintaining our commitment to never turn away an unwanted pet or homeless animal.

Our goal is to make this region a better place for people and their pets, and in doing so we have developed many innovative outreach and educational programs.


The mission of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate and educational services to enhance the lives of companion animals, their families and the community and to prevent the cruelty of all animals in the region we serve.

Open Door Shelter

Open door shelters will never turn away an animal in need.

There are thousands of animals who are given up every year. Sometimes people lose their jobs and can no longer afford to take care of their pets or have to move and cannot take their pets with them. Other times people experience life-changing events, such as a divorce or new baby, and have to surrender their furry friends. As more and more shelters become “limited access,” people have no other choice than to surrender their pets to an open-door shelter, who will never turn away a pet in need.

Because of the stigma that open-door shelters have, many people choose to make donations to limited access shelters, when, in-fact, it’s the open-door shelters who need the money the most. The Western PA Humane Society helps over 12,000 animals each and every year—which is a lot of mouths to feed and medications to administer.


In 2011 we cared for over 12,000 animals in need; rescued 1,200 abused and neglected animals; and taught over 27,000 students about the proper way to care for animals. Our volunteers performed 17,000 hours of service including many outreach programs; for example our Therapy Dog teams visits schools, hospitals, assisted living and other facilities every week. WPHS volunteers also staff off-site adoption centers and community events; they help increase our ability to adopt healthy, happy pets into loving forever homes.

In addition to animal sheltering we offer low-cost clinic services, spay-neuter services, obedience classes, humane education programs, and animal behavior consultations. We also operate a pet cemetery, and conduct humane investigations casework. Our four full-time Humane Police Officers investigate allegations and complaints of abuse and cruelty, often issuing citations and confiscating animals from dangerous and abusive situations.