Keystone Boxer Rescue

Please remember that we DO NOT ship or adopt our dogs anywhere out of the tri-state region near Pittsburgh, PA. However, we can recommend other boxer rescues that may be located near you if you can not find one.

Our Adoptable Pet List

These dogs are still looking for their forever family.
For more information and an application, please email us at:

Can you help foster?

We are always looking for other possible foster homes for short, temporary stays for dogs in urgent need. When colder weather hits, we get more calls and emails about dogs needing placed. Most are very placeable dogs, but we just can't afford to pay for kenneling for them all. WE need time to get them in, evaluate them, post them, take and clear applicants, etc. This takes time, especially when we only do this part time after work.
Please spread the word if you know of anyone who may be interested in helping out even just for a short time period- sometimes a week or two is all we need to get them to safety. Please email us if you are able to help out to hold a dog even for a few days. Thanks so much for your continued support and for spreading the word about helping out and adopting a rescue dog!
Wil Keener- Director

Due to the cost of long distance calls, we get WE CAN NOT CALL INDIVIDUALS to answer questions. Please EMAIL US to request an application FIRST. If you are seriously interested in adopting a boxer, it is best to first request an application, and then return it ASAP to start the process. We will contact you after we receive your completed application. Please let us know if you are looking at adopting a specific dog, or just a general description of the type, age, and gender of dog you are looking for. Please be patient as we are a small rescue run by a few volunteers who have full time jobs in addition to doing rescue work.
We may not have a lot of dogs at one time, but we keep a waiting list of potential adopters. You may get a reply very quickly, or it may be a while, depending on your needs, the availability . Please be patient with us as we try very hard to make sure our dogs get placed in forever families.
Thank you very much!
Wil Keener, Director

"Happy Tails" of boxers who have found new homes!! These dogs have already found their forever families and are no longer up for adoption.

Who We Are

We are a boxer rescue organization located in the Southwest area of Pennsylvania. We have been around for several years, we are made up of a few foster homes, so we have a smaller list of adoptable dogs.
Please contact us for an application so that we may begin to work on finding just the right boxer for your family!
Getting us your completed application is the first important step in this process. We need to have that first so that we may begin looking for a good match for you.

Come Visit Us!

We have foster families in Westmoreland and Fayette counties. Please contact us to schedule a time to come visit one of our available boxers.
Keystone Boxer Rescue
S.W. Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, N.W. Maryland

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