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We have 4 great King's Cages available as a fundraiser for the rescue!! These are King's Cage Model # PC-4226 for only $350!! This is a GREAT cage with lots of room for your small to medium sized parrot! The cage includes a playpen top too for additional out of cage time. These cages are BRAND NEW in an unopened box. Kings Cages are the ultimate cage for your bird. They are the safest, most durable cage you can buy. Do not be fooled by imitations. You may find one similiar, but if it is not a King's Cage, it could contain toxic lead and zinc that can hurt/kill your bird! These cages have 1" bar spacing and measure 42"wide X 26" deep. This cage retails for $590 online on their site and even more in stores! Save lots of $ and provide your bird with a fun, spacious cage. We have 2 white, 2 black/silvertone. Do an internet search by the model # above to see how cool this cage is and how much money you will be saving! You can see pictures and more info on this cage at the following link :


Have anything sitting around you no longer need? We can use any of the following:

Cockatiel to large parrot size cages

ZuPreem pellets - all sizes

Volkman or Higgens brand seed/treat mixes

Any Lafeber products ( all flavor Nutriberries, Nuts N Nuggets, etc.)

Paper towels

Bird toys- all sizes, larger sizes in larger demand

Who We Are

We are a volunteer group who take in all feathered friends. From small birds to large birds, we provide a temporary, loving environment until a suitable home can be found.

We run the rescue voluntarily, so any sort of donation is greatly appreciated- from cages to food to donations for our veterinary bills, we can use it all!

Adopting a friend

All of our birds are fostered in private foster homes. Prior to visiting/adopting a bird, you must complete an adoption application to determine if you would be a suitable candidate for one of our birds. Many of our birds have behavior issues and need special homes. Exotic bird ownership is not for everyone, and we need to make sure you fully understand the lifelong committment you are getting involved in prior to adopting a new friend. Sadly, more than half of all new birds purchased today will need a new home by 2 years of age. Parrot ownership is not for everyone- these birds take a lot of time ( cage cleaning and attention), money for their specialized diet and toys and can be noisy and messy. Parrots are not for everyone!
Ruffled Feathers Parrot Rescue

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