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Please visit the Above and Beyond English Setter website at www.esrescue.org for more information and an adoption application.

We are a national breed rescue group and our process is designed to make sure we are very careful in the placement of all our rescue dogs. The first step is completion of the online application.  Here is the link to our online adoption application.


Within a few days you will receive a phone call from someone to discuss your application.  We do check Vet references and conduct home visits. If you have not been through a breed rescue adoption process, it may seem lengthy at first but it is just intended to make sure each individual/family adopts the right dog for your family and home.  Some of these dogs have been through so much, so it is our intention is that they are never abandoned or let down again.

Sometimes the dog you apply for may no longer be available when the application process is completed, but we can assure you we are constantly rescuing wonderful Setters that will need loving homes.  This is disappointing to some applicants, but they often go on to say that the dog they adopted is an even better fit for their family than the dog that caught their eye on Petfinder. You will be put in touch with the Setter's foster home after you have been approved to adopt.

Please feel free to contact us at aandbrescue@gmail.com  if you have any questions as you go through the adoption process.

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue is not a shelter, but a group of volunteers who are committed to finding excellent homes for the dogs in our program. All of our dogs are living in foster homes in states across the country. Often times a dog is not geographically close to where an adopter lives. When possible, transport assistance is provided at no cost to the adopter. Our transports are coordinated by the Above and Beyond ES Rescue transport team and driven by volunteers. 

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue is committed to rescuing displaced English Setters who are in need of new loving homes. We are a small group of volunteers who know that English Setters are the best kept secret of the dog world. Foster homes are always needed. Please ask how you can help save a Setter.

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Email: aandbrescue@gmail.com

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