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BUNNYPEOPLE IS AN ALL-VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION. Please allow up to ONE WEEK for replies to email or phone inquiries. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with applications and inquiries; we go in order in which they are received, so please be patient with us!

If you are donating online using PayPal, please use the "GIFT" option or else PayPal keeps a portion of the money. Thank you!

Our Featured Pet...

In addition to the rabbits at our shelter, adoptable rabbits are kept at PetSmart at 4200 Derry St. in Harrisburg (17112). You can also pick up rabbit care guidelines, adoption applications, and other BunnyPeople handouts by our cages. Questions: email bunnypeople@mail.com


EASTER BUNNY PHOTOS ON MARCH 25 AT THE SHELTER: From noon to 4, we'll have bunny photos and grilled foods at the shelter! Pets and kids are both welcome for photos ..... OUR ANNUAL BUNNY FESTIVAL AT COLONIAL PARK MALL is Saturday, April 1 from 11 am to 3 pm. Come out and meet adoptable bunnies, buy some treats, and take chances on raffles.....You can be a Guardian Angel to a bunny of your choice at any time of the year - just $10 helps sponsor a bun's care for three months, and we'll send you a photo of the bunny you are helping. Donate online, or mail a check to our P.O. Box 61475, Harrisburg, PA 17106.

Who We Are

BunnyPeople is a non-profit 501c3 all volunteer rabbit organization we have been organized since 1992 to improve the plight of abandoned and abused domestic rabbits. What we do: Our program to educate the public on responsible owership includes guidelines on choosing a rabbit, understanding the care it will require and proper housing as an indoor pet. We supply at no charge, rabbit care packets to shelters, veterinarians, and pet stores for their clients. We also provide information by phone, newsletters, seminars, school programs and community events as a way to bring awareness to our presence in the community and existing rabbit owners, as well as to anyone deciding if a rabbit is the right pet for them. Much of our public education focuses on Easter time, because so many bunnies are aquired on impulse and end up unwanted or abandoned. Our goal is to change the perception that a rabbit is a cheap, throw away commodity. We promote spaying and neutering not only for population control but for better health and longevity of each animal. We maintain a list of recommended veterinarians in our area who are competent in rabbit care and experienced in the specialty of rabbit spaying and neutering.

Rabbit Care Guidelines

Click here Rabbit Care Guidelines to download our 9 page Rabbit Care Guidelines. Included are topics such as Housing, Health, Diet and the Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Bunny From BunnyPeople!


RABBITS Click here to see our Rabbit Happy Tails! To Adopt a rabbit through BunnyPeople you MUST fill out our adoption contract Rabbit Adoption Form and questionaire form. You can be sent a copy by e-mail-contact bunnypeople@mail.com

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P.O. Box 61475

Harrisburg, PA 17106
Phone: 717/469-0125

Email: bunnypeople@mail.com
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