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Siamese Rescue Metro is a non-profit labor of love begun to fill the needs of abused, abandoned and surrendered Siamese cats on a local level. We are a volunteer run organization currently serving the areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and portions of Delaware, Maryland and New York. We exist in great part through the donations we receive as well as on the proceeds from fundraising efforts. Our mission is simple; to evaluate, rehabilitate and place the Siamese we rescue into carefully screened, loving forever homes.

Siamese Rescue Metro has no freestanding facility to house our rescue animals. We use a foster care system, so our animals are currently fostered in homes in the states we serve. Following approval to adopt, potential adopters may make an appointment to meet our available cats. Please realize that as an all-volunteer organization our schedules are not always as flexible as we would like.

SRM works to rescue and adopt animals in the following states, PA - NJ - NY - DE - DC - MD - and parts of VA. We do not air ship animals. If you wish to adopt and live out of above listed areas then you are responsible for flying WITH your adopted pet from our area to your home or for driving into our area to meet a transporter with your pet. ** We prefer that adopters meet their new pets prior to adopting as sometimes the chemistry just isn't there. We work carefully to make solid placements based on the criteria of age (human and animal), personality and family situations.



While foster homes agree to provide food and litter as their donation, our Foster Director still has the largest number of rescue cats in her home. This is due to the scarcity of foster homes available in areas where we have large adopter populations. We ask you, our supporters, to help us out by donating food and litter.

The simplest and most cost efficient way to help is to purchase gift cards at Petsmart, Petco or BJ's discount stores and to mail them to us at the address below. This allows us to purchase the larger cans of food which many online stores do not sell. Using the larger cans leaves much less waste and being able to pick and choose the flavors the current population prefers helps a great deal, they are MEEZERS after all! This also allows you to donate more total dollars since you aren't paying for shipping and handling which can end up costing more than the food or litter! It also helps us because we have limited storage capacity.

Rescue can routinely go through ten 40lb. boxes of litter every week!. We can use pine log litters, recycled paper litter, scoopable or clay litters.

Please consider donating to rescue in this way. By purchasing these gift cards your donation goes directly to cat care.


Currently we are in need of old towels - bath, beach, hand or washcloths. We make use of these on a daily basis when cats are traveling in carriers or we have sick kitties. Having a plentiful supply keeps us from having to do laundry daily. We can also use old blankets or comforters which we make into bedding for our caged cats.Larger pieces of fleece can also be used to create cage bedding.

Donations are ALWAYS welcome! If you are in PA or NJ please email us at so we can give you a drop-off point for your donations or arrange for pick up. . Please email us to let us know you've mailed a gift card donation so we make sure it arrives! Gift cards may be mailed to:

Siamese Rescue Metro, 132 Winter Street Media, PA 19063. Our foster cats and their human caretakers say THANK YOU!


Not everyone who wishes to help can adopt, foster or physically volunteer for rescue, but your help is still greatly needed and appreciated. Consider supporting rescue with a donation today OR by committing to make a pre-set amount donation on a monthly basis or every payday. Just ask us how!

Donations can be made by check or if using Paypal we can take credit card or e check or donations directly from your Paypal account balance. To send a donation just click the Paypal link below! Please accept our sincere thanks for helping us save lives in a tangible way!

Adopting from Siamese Rescue Metro:

Potential adopters must complete a screening process that includes reviewing veterinary and personal references. Download an application on our website at

NOTE: Siamese Rescue Metro does not have a shelter. All of our Siamese are in foster care in the homes of volunteers. If you want to visit one of our cats, please let us know and we will make the arrangements after you are approved to adopt. Please do not just stop by.

Please also note that because Siamese Rescue Metro is entirely volunteer run and managed, we cannot always respond immediately to your request. We do, however, answer as quickly as possible.

Adoption procedure:

Siamese Rescue Metro carefully screens adopters to ensure a good match between a cat and its new home. To help us do this,

You must first complete and return an adoption application. If you email an inquiry to, PLEASE remember to give your full name and mailing address so we can send your application out as soon as your e-mail arrives! If you do not hear from us within one week of faxing or mailing your completed application, please email us at, with your full name to check on the receipt of your application.

Then, we contact the personal and veterinary references you provide; and

Last, we interview you and conduct a home visit, if necessary.

The entire process can take up to 10 days depending on how easily we can reach your references. Please be patient, our volunteers do have real jobs and families as well!

Once approved, you can select the cat you want to adopt (final decisions regarding suitability rest with our Foster and Adoptions Directors).

NOTE: Cats cannot be put on hold for potential adopters. Adopters must be approved prior to placing a cat on pending status..

Adoption Fees:

Adult Cats, $125. Kittens twelve months of age and under, $150.

Lynx and Tortie points are not considered MIXED breed by SRM!)

The above adoption fees include first Rabies (one year) and FVRCP shots, flea treatment, first worming and spay or neuter where applicable. All cats are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

See our cats:

Our website is


look us up on Our cats are listed under zip code 19063 or state of PA

Our NEW petfinder address is, either address will take you to our homepage

you must visit our website listed above to download an application to adopt or email us to request an application at These are in Word or PDF format

Siamese Rescue Metro
132 Winter Street
Media, PA 19063

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Siamese Rescue Metro
132 Winter Street
Media, PA 19063


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