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Monica's Hearts Hounds & Humans will be participating at the following locations (please join us!):

(For more information on any of these events, see our contact list below)


-May 6 - 11 AM-2 PM - Meet and greet, Petsmart, 270 Marketplace Blvd Selinsgrove, PA

- May 6 – 1-3 PM – Meet and greet, Petsmart, Vestal, NY

- May 13 – 11 AM-2 PM, Meet and greet, Tractor Supply Co, 1399 Columbia Blvd Bloomsburg PA (Weather permitting)

-May 13, 11AM-2PM, Meet and Greet, PETCO 320 S Lycoming Mall Road, Muncy PA,

- May 14 – 1-3 PM, Meet and greet, Creature Comforts, Front Street, Binghamton, NY

- May 20 – 11 AM-1 PM, Meet and greet, Tractor Supply Company, Sidney, NY

- May 20 – 11 AM-2 PM, Meet and greet, Petco, 80 Plaza Drive, Bloomsburg, PA (near Wal-Mart). (Weather permitting)

- May 20 – 9AM-1PM, Bark for Life, A fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life to raise awareness and raise funds. Food, games, music, Chinese auction. Brown Avenue Park in Milton Pa.

- May 21 – 12 Noon-4 PM - “The Creative Dog” Adoption Day Event, The Creative Dog, 660 W Main St, Bloomsburg PA. Lots of vendors and rescue groups attending. FB page https://www.facebook.com/thecreativedogsalon/

- May 21 - 4-6 PM – Meet and greet, Tractor Supply Company, Johnstown, PA

- May 21 - 1-3 PM, Meet and Greet, Petco, Logan Town Center, Altoona, PA

Adopting A Friend

Adopting a Friend

"Adopt a Greyhound & Make a Fast Friend" is a motto that greyhound owners find true! These dogs are an extremely loyal, loving, gentle breed of dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship. Perhaps the most endearing quality possessed by almost all greyhounds is the strong bond it forms with those who care for it.

Racing greyhounds have lived in a kennel most of their lives. As a pet, the changes in their environment, lifestyle, and expected behavior will require a period of adjustment that can last from a few days to a few weeks. It is a testimony to their intelligence and temperament that they adjust to our world as adult dogs as quickly as they do.

Greyhounds are sight hounds and must be kept on a leash or in an entirely fenced in area when not on a leash. They run at high speeds & can be several miles from home in a matter of minutes if left to run. Although they love to run, greyhounds are sprinters rather than long-distance runners & require no more exercise than your average dog of another breed.

Who We Are

Who We Are

MONICA'S HEART is a non-profit organization incorporated in December 1996 located in Central Pennsylvania. We are an all volunteer organization dedicated to finding good homes for GREYHOUNDS who have finished their racing careers.

Our greyhounds have raced at a variety of tracks in various states. They are fostered in members' homes when they first arrive from the track or adoption kennel. During this transition period, they are taken to the vet for immunizations, fecal exams, dentals, spay/neuter, heartworm test and any medical problems. Our adoption fee of $230.00 helps to defray kennel and veterinary expenses for all dogs prior to adoption. Your dog will come to you with a fleece coat, collar and leash set, adoption reference manual, grooming brush and a wealth of information.

Volunteering and Donations

Funding for Monica's Heart operations is totally dependent on adoption fees, memberships, subscriptions, fund raisers, donations, and volunteer efforts of it's members. Membership is open to all who want to benefit the Greyhounds that need a good home when they can no longer race (usually between 2 - 4 years of age). We will gladly accept any donation of time, skills, or one time contribution.

"The more Monica's Heart grows, the more dogs will benefit"!


Come Visit Us

Come Visit Us!

Monica's Heart is located in the Altoona area of PA. We are about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh and 120 miles west of Harrisburg. We do not have a kennel, but foster the dogs in our own homes. There are two foster homes in ALTOONA, one in West Milton PA, and one in in the Northumberland County/Shamokin area of PA. In addition, we also have 2 foster families in New York, close to the Binghamton area.

 ALTOONA: 814-942-3145 (KAY) houndmom@atlanticbb.net
ALTOONA: 814-943-1475 (PEG) obie77@verizon.net
SHAMOKIN: 570-644-2358 (LINDA)
BINGHAMTON NY: 607-648-4342 (JACK)slave4greys@stny.rr.com
CAMPBELL NY: 607-527-8370 (LISA)


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