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Pet of the Month

Our pet of the month is all of our kittens and young cats...

People come to our shelter and always seem to say the same thing, "This cat is so nice, why is he still here?" The answer is simple. There are so many nice cats in need of good homes and very few homes available for them. These cats are the result of people being unwilling to spay or neuter their cat. As long as people continue to be irresponsible with their pets, there will continue to be shelters overflowing with unwanted pets. PLEASE, spay or neuter your pet. Do not allow them to contribute to this problem. Instead, be part of the solution.

We have several kittens and of course, many adult cats. We have over 100 cats in our shelter; long haired and short haired. All of our kittens are spayed or neutered at 8 weeks of age prior to adoption. If the activity of a young kitten is more than you can handle, how about considering a young adult? Adult cats have many benefits over young kittens. Their personalities are already established, they are litter trained, and their idea of a good time is hanging out with you on the couch instead of climbing the curtains. Our volunteers spend countless hours with the shelter cats therefore we are able to learn their personalities. We can help you in choosing the right cat for your home. Give us a call at 724-697-5262.



Construction on our shelter addition has begun! We are so excited about this new addition and cannot wait to move the cats it. This addition will have 1325 additional square feet of living space including a 24 X 40 Cat Conservatory with vaulted ceilings and 19 windows! This room will only have the amount of wall space needed to hold up the roof! Opening all of these windows and allowing the fresh air in will give the cats the feeling of the outdoors yet in a safe indoor environment. Unlike a screened in porch or enclosure, this room will be accessible all year round! 

UPDATE!!!!:   May 8th, 2005 will go down in the record books for Pet Connection. It was crisp spring morning and the cats and volunteers were all ready for their “big move” by 8:00am. With brushes, nail clippers, Q-tips, scissors, and even a blow dryer in hand, we were ready to help everyone look their best. One by one, each cat received a manicure, a scalp treatment (via a good brushing!), a snip and a trim where needed, and a gentle ear cleaning. As each one finished their “appointment” in our make-shift spa, they were escorted into their new home. Some of them ran as fast as they could across the 24’ X 40’ floor and jumped onto a cat tree. Others gently tip toed across the floor, as their eyes focused on every detail of their new environment. A few of our long term residents stopped dead in their tracks and began to shake with fear. Since they were unsure in their new surroundings, they were comforted by our volunteers and told that they would continue to be loved and cared for by Pet Connection. Within hours, each of the 19 windows in the addition became crowded with cats enjoying the view. In the kitten area (underneath the new addition), the babies were holding a “party” of their own! Without any adults to tell them to “settle down”, they were climbing every cat tree and holding wrestling matches in the middle of the floor! It was hours before they finally tired out. As summer came upon us and “kitten season” rolled in, our now 2016 square foot facility proved to be everything we had hoped for. As we accepted kittens and moms we found it much easier to keep everyone comfortable while still offering a CAGE FREE environment. We feel a great sense of accomplishment at getting to this point.  Our next goal will be to maintain our “special needs” fund and build a safe, outdoor cat enclosure.  Our greatest obstacles continue to be funding, staffing the shelter with volunteers and finding high quality adoptive homes, but with your help, we can meet the challenge.  The progress so far is testimony to what can be accomplished by a small number of dedicated people who combine their resources toward the same worthy goal.

Our kittens and young “teenage” cats still enjoy the freedom to roam in our original shelter (768 square feet) where they will be able to have fun playing without “bouncing” on some of our older adults. Cats recovering from surgery or moms with new litters will also have a quite place to rest away from the hustle and bustle of everyone else.   Pet Connection volunteers have worked very hard to make this addition a reality. We feel this addition will enrich the lives of our homeless felines. If you would like to help us continue our much needed rescue work, please consider a donation to our organization. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the animals. We thank you in advance for your support.

Cat Beds and Kitty Quilts for Sale!


Cat Beds and Kitty Quilts!!!Cat tested, owner approved!!!When the volunteers came to clean the shelter, they found some of the cats looking for that special place to take a cat nap. This inspired them to use their sewing talents to make cat beds which were a big hit with the cats. When potential adopters saw how comfy the cats were, they asked about purchasing the beds. In no time, we were taking orders!  Many people who have bought one, place an order for another! We have also found that small dogs love these beds as well!The beds are made of soft fleece and stuffed with polyfill. They are completely washable and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.As we cut the pattern for the beds, we wondered what could be done with the left over “scraps” of material.  It seemed a shame to throw them away, so Cathy Rupert suggested taking that material and making Kitty Quilts. She cuts the material into squares and sews them together to make a quilted pad that is lined with a soft batting. These pads passed the shelter test as well!  The cats would seek them out and, of course, they purred with contentment!         Our beds sell for $23.00 and the Kitty Quilts sell for $15.00 (plus shipping). We offer a variety of colors and patterns to choose from – everything from a Steeler pattern to comical cats!  If you are interested in purchasing either one, plesae call the shelter at 724-697-5262.     They make the purrfect gift for your feline friend or small dog!

Who We Are

Pet Connection, Inc is a non-profit, all volunteer animal shelter primarily housing cats.  We receive no local or federal government funding, making our operation completely dependent on private donations.  Our shelter offers a 4 room home environment that is entirely CAGE FREE. We shelter anywhere from 30 - 75 cats or kittens. You can often find our felines lounging on the couch, climbing a cat tree, or romping on the carpet. This type of environment makes selecting a cat much easier for the adoptee since they can observe their true personality and how they interact with people. Each cat/kitten taken into the shelter is FeLV/FIV tested, veterinary checked, and vaccinated.  We are dedicated to helping in the overpopulation problem, therefore, EVERY CAT OR KITTEN IS SPAYED OR NEUTERED PRIOR TO ADOPTION.

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Saving Animals and Humans in 2003…..

This past year, Pet Connection once again rescued hundreds of animals from an uncertain future.  In addition, we very possibly saved a local human resident from the fatal rabies virus.  Please allow me to share just two of our stories with you.     The winter began with a horrible case of animal cruelty that has become something we see far too often. It was 28 degrees outside and the owner of 14 cats decided she no longer wanted them living in her home. When we arrived at the home, they were all huddled together trying to keep warm in front of a heater on the porch. Unfortunately, all suffered from upper respiratory infections and most were under the age of four months. Most had eyes that were swollen shut from infection and all of them had discharge draining from their noses. None had been given vaccines that may have prevented this virus from occurring in the first place. Pet Connection’s volunteers rescued all 14 cats and brought them to our warm shelter. They were immediately given food and medication and were taken to the vet clinic the next morning to begin the lengthy process of treatment and recovery. With much effort, all of these young cats recovered and several have been adopted! Some of these now healthy and playful youngsters remain in our shelter waiting for a new home.      In March of 2003, we received a call from a resident in Vandergrift stating she had a stray mother cat and three kittens for which she needed help with finding shelter. When we arrived at this home, we learned that the woman had recently been bitten by the mother cat. We informed her that the cat would have to be placed under quarantine for ten days. Within two days, the cat exhibited neurological signs associated with the rabies virus that necessitated that the cat be euthanized and tested for rabies. After receiving the news of a positive test from the PA Department of Health, everyone exposed to this animal was immediately notified so that they could seek the necessary medical treatment to save their own lives. The woman who was bitten had no idea that she could have been exposed to the rabies virus, and Pet Connection was able to provide this life-saving information and service. This particular rescue saved more than an animal, it saved a human.

Best Wishes

Goliath - Shelter Mascot

Kat Leen   P. J. Gordian

Adopting a friend

Before adopting one of our cherished shelter cats, a pre-adoption interview is done by one or two of our volunteers.  During this interview, the potential adoptee will be asked several questions. This is to help determine the type of home you will provide and aid us in choosing the right cat for your specific situation. You will be asked to provide a veterinary reference. Adoption fee’s range from $75 - $125 and include FeLV/FIV test, vaccinations, deworming, flea control application, spaying or neutering, and a free vet visit.  We require you to sign a contract stating that you will provide routine veterinary care and return the cat to us if it does not work out. These stipulations pertain to the entire life of the animal. 

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Come Visit Us!

Our shelter is located within a 30 minute driving distance from the following cities: Apollo, Murrysville, Monroeville, Vandergrift, Leechburg, Indiana, New Kensington, and Ford City. Since Pet Connection has no paid staff, we operate around volunteers schedules. The times that volunteers are available to show our shelter animals varies daily. Because of this, all adoptions are done by appointment. When a potential adopter is ready to come to the shelter, directions are given to them either over the phone, or by email.
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