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STAAR needs foster homes and special volunteers. To find out more about how you can help, please visit our website at

At the current time, due to lack of foster homes and volunteers, STAAR in Oregon is limited to listing dogs for owners who can keep their dogs until a new home is found. We have no foster homes available in Oregon.

Who We Are

Second Time Around Aussie Rescue, Inc. is a nationwide and Canadian program to help place Australian Shepherds into loving, caring and permanent homes. We rescue only purebred Aussies, with good temperaments for family living. We do not place dogs for any breeding purposes whatsoever, nor for any type of guard duty. Our program dogs will only be placed into carefully screened homes and approved service careers using a uniform set of rules and procedures by everyone involved in the program. Second Time Around Aussie Rescue, Inc. is also dedicated to educating the public and all Aussie owners about the unique temperament, proper placement, and proper, ethical breeding practices of the versatile Australian Shepherd. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the day that rescue of the Australian Shepherd is no longer needed.

Adopting a friend

For dog's that we are listing for their current owners, please contact the person listed in the dog's biography. If the dog is a foster dog in the STAAR program, please fill out an online application at

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Our national website is at Our reps and volunteers are located throughout the USA and Canada. You can reach us by email at Please give your name, city, and state in the email.
Second Time Around Aussie Rescue (in Oregon)
Home Office-Bryan TX

Phone: 1-877-372-8387

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