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Small Time Dog Rescue & Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue

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We have many wonderful dogs available for adoption. Many of them have been with us for several years now. All of our dogs are altered, micro-chipped, and current on shots.

Dead Dog Walking Mission Statement

Dead Dog Walking was started by a group of us that wanted to make a difference for Pit Bulls. We are a group of individuals who were tired of Pit Bulls dying in our local shelters or as strays. Some shelters will not attempt to adopt this breed out. With no temperament test, no evaluation, nothing, these dogs were dying simply for being born a Pit Bull. Many Pit Bulls never make it to the adoption floor. We save dogs that have days and sometimes even minutes to live. We, on rare occasion, take in owner surrender Pit Bulls. Most of our Pit Bulls come from shelters where they were destined to die. We are their voice, for they can not speak. Through education, spay and neuter programs we hope to make a huge difference.

Who We Are

To adopt one of our Pit Bulls, or if you need information about Pit Bulls, including rescue alternatives go to our web site. We keep it updated with loads of information. If you wish to adopt one of our dogs you must go to our web site and fill out our application on line, then email it back to us. Once your application is reviewed, then we will be in touch with you regarding a home inspection, etc. We ask that you do not call us for it is much faster and more efficient to review things via email. Here is our web site where you can down load an application: http://www.deaddogwalkingpitbullrescue.org/

We are a private 501 (c ) 3 Pit Bull rescue. Meaning this rescue does not make a dime, every penny goes right back into saving innocent lives from death row. Our rescue is operated by just us two. We are a married couple who love Pit Bulls, and we are spending our lives trying to save those that we can. We help area animal controls, other rescue groups, and stray animals find loving and permanent homes. We have foster dogs from several area counties. I personally had one from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary located in Utah. Working together is what saves lives. An animal control employee who will pick up the phone and call a rescue, is taking the first step in reducing euthanasia in their county. As of 2013, we are in sanctuary mode. We have many wonderful older Pit Bulls still waiting for their forever home. . !


BELIEVING there is an alternative to the "needle," I have made it my goal to help dogs that may have ended up being euthanized in some shelters. Due to age, breed, or just plain being born, these dogs have limited time in animal control. Funding and space are not options in most counties. Adoptable dogs are put down daily due to overcrowding, and budget cuts. We provide: Food, shelter, love, medical care, micro-chipping, and basic training. Our foster pets that live with us are treated like family. They go on family vacations and stay in hotels. They travel to Portland, Eugene and the coast. Most of our adult Pit Bulls are kept in our kennels. We personally take care of them each and every day. This is where we are able to evaluate them closer, to make sure that we place only the best Pit Bulls. We take them hiking and swimming. We strive to make each one of my dogs more adoptable than the day we got them.


To adopt a dog from Small Time Dog Rescue or Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue a home visit is required. Vet references and net working with other rescues enable us to adopt our dogs to families from other states. References such as neighbors, vets, and other humane societies in your area are a plus. A home check is usually done by one of our volunteers, or we sometimes ask other rescues in your area to do a home inspection. We have a standard adoption application. The reason for an application is to make sure that you get the right dog for the right living situation. We will NEVER put a dog into a home that we feel is unsuitable for its personality. A donation is asked to help defray our cost. This rescue is run on donations and hard work. A suggested donation would be the amount of the vet bill for the dog you are adopting. Remember all dogs go out altered, micro-chipped, wormed, and current on their shots. The fees never cover gas, food, leashes, collars, and the numerous toys and dog beds that our kids get to enjoy while in our care. Nor does it cover any additional vet costs that an individual dog may incur. A price tag can not be put on the amount of time that each and every volunteer has spent trying to make your family member a better pet.

Come Visit Us!

After your application is filled out, reviewed and approved we can set up an appointment so you can come and see the dog. Appointments need to be made for our dogs are located in several different homes throughout the greater Portland Metro area and our facility located here in The Dalles. You can call or email me to set up an appointment. E-mail works best and is preferred. We are located in The Dalles, Oregon which is approximately 80 miles east of Portland, Oregon. We are very flexible. We have adopted dogs on the week-ends, and holidays. My hours are very flexible as well. We are willing to work with any pre-approved family on time and location. My desire is to adopt my dogs to their proper permanent home and I am willing to do what ever it takes to do it.
Small Time Dog Rescue & Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue
email for directions
The Dalles, OR 97058
Phone: 541-993-3647 (dogs)
Email: kayesmith@charter.net
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