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Because of the passage of Oregon SB 6 today (7/6/13), effective immediately, DDRI is no longer accepting any dogs. Unless the legislature can be made to see what a mistake this bill is, over the next few months we will likely be shutting our doors and may well be moving out of state. Our home is not a commercial facility and we are unwilling to comply with the unconstitutional search and seizure provisions of this seriously flawed bill. While we have gladly given of our time and resources for the last 12 years, and would have continued to do so until we were physically unable, we will not allow the government free access to our bedrooms and bathrooms in order to continue our rescue work, which is exactly what this bill demands. If you think "not in America," think again. And when you have to put a dog to sleep because there is no space in rescue, thank the HSUS and OHS (Oregon Humane Society) who sponsored and backed this bill, the Democrats who passed this bill as quickly and quietly as they could, lest people start to look too closely at it, and Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) who rubber stamped it into law without listening to the concerns of those who know rescue best. Rescues, and in fact anyone who had any concerns about this bill, were strategically excluded from giving any input at all stages of the process. In a letter supporting SB 6 to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon says SB 6 is needed to curb the "profit driven practice" of rescue, likening us to "the drug trade." She claims that for the most part, rescue is a "cash business" where people realize "a large payoff for very little expense." But the reality is rescues are a money-losing proposition. Most of us keep dumping money into our rescues and working ridiculously long hours for no pay whatsoever. On the other hand, Sharon and her husband (who also works at OHS) gross over $300,000 a year in wages and compensation from OHS. So in reality, just who is profiting like a drug dealer from these homeless animals?

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We got Martin and his brother Lewis from Southern CA. The woman that sent them to us has two deaf dogs herself, both from the same breeder. She has helped us save 3 dogs over the last year, Martin & Lewis, plus McKenzie. Lewis can see and hear, but he has a deformed ear leather, that is only about half normal size. Lewis is the active, adventurous, outgoing brother. But he is also very affectionate and sweet.

Both Lewis and his brother Martin are atypical Danes. They are on the small side and built very thin, more like a Greyhound than a Dane. Most of the dogs from this particular breeder tend to be like this, we've found. They also tend to be higher energy, and Lewis is staying true to form. He is not your typical couch potato Dane. He is your basic circus dog. He whirls and twirls at meal time, and is so quick to respond to commands that it just doesn't feel like working with your average Dane. He is very, very sweet, wants so much too please, and learns very fast. He is also very vocal. He is another prime candidate for an agility Dane, or for some sort of competition activities. He is not the sort of Dane you leave alone loose in the house all day. He needs structure and a job of some sort or he will get antsy and likely start getting into trouble. OTOH he will gladly do (or at least try his best to do) whatever you ask of him, and he simply hums with excitement and affection when he sees you. He is not for everyone, but he is a wonderful dog who will be the perfect companion for someone. And that someone will wonder how they ever lived without him. Are you that someone?

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The first ever Great Dane Rescue devoted entirely to serving the needs of deaf, blind, and other special needs Danes.
Be sure to check out our Web site and find out more about deaf Danes and what wonderful pets they make. We currently have a number of deaf, blind, and special needs Danes listed on our site, so come see if you can't find your special friend!

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