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We are constantly having new dogs come in that do not make it up on Petfinder before the adoption events so come see us at the Petsmarts.

Adopting A Friend

Our adoption/foster process:


Email if you want to see a specific dog.  Just to make sure it gets to the adoption event since we have many large dogs that are up for adoption.

Please do not email asking what our adoption fee is - we charge exactly what the basic medical is.  

Please read the text on this page thoroughly prior to coming to our adoption events so you are well informed of our process:

Adoption:  CAN VARY UP TO 3 HOURS - if you don't have this time available you may want to come back another time.

1.  View dogs on display.

2.  Take desired dog or dogs for a walk and spend time with them.

3. Decide whether you want to adopt or foster (foster process is below).

4.  Talk to the Animal Behaviorist regarding the desired dogs needs.

5.  Proceed to the adoption table and fill out adoption contract and Petsmart form.  Register the Home Again Microchip on a lap top computer supplied by the rescue group - you will need a credit card to pay Home Agains registration fee of $10.99.  The Microchip itself is paid for and supplied by the rescue group.

6.  Pay adoption fee in cash only.

7.  Pick up adoption booklet from Petsmart employee and purchase a collar (MUST fit properly and not be able to slip over head- no harnesses allowed unless its an easy walker or gentle leader harness- dog still must have collar though), Leash, ID Tag (must be engraved with a cell phone number).  

8.  Come back to the adoption table with collar, leash and id tag attached to collar and pick up adoption folder from adoption group-you will put supplies on dog then you will be able to take the dog around the store and shop for any other supplies you need.


1.  View dogs on display.

2.  Take desired dog or dogs for a walk and spend time with them.

3.  Decide if you want to foster.

4.  Talk to the Animal Behaviorist regarding the desired dogs needs.

5.  Proceed to the adoption table and fill out foster form.  You will need a valid credit card and picture ID. The credit card is to provide security to the dog rescue in the case of the dog being lost, killed, or injured while in your care - you will be responsible for all charges.  Additionally should you break the foster agreement and not return the dog on the designated return date and time you will be charged for all equipment and the dog.

6.  Purchase one size appropriate bag of Organix dog food.

Foster period is for one week - 7 days - the intent of the foster is for you to get to know the dog better and to determine whether you will be able to train the dog properly to live in your household.  Dogs are not house trained, obedience trained, cat tested, or "child" approved.

The rescue will supply a crate, collar, leash, tag, harness, toys, bed, chewies or anything else you may need except food - you will need to buy a size appropriate bag of dog food.  At the end of the week you can adopt or simply return your foster and try another candidate.  We are very grateful for the foster help and it is a privledge to have a rescue dog in a home for the week.

Adoption fee covers spay/neuter, shots, worming, vet check, misc surgeries if needed (hernia repair, broken leg fixed, etc), and any treatment or medication should the dog/puppy become ill once you get him/her home within the first 7 to 10 days.  All dogs/puppies are health guaranteed through the rescue vet only and the rescue will NOT reimburse medical expenses should you choose to use your own vet or fail to contact the rescue for medical help. Our adoption fee is comparable to the other rescues in the area. Adoption fees are non-refundable, however you can pick another dog. We accept cash - no checks or cards for payment of adoption fee.

We do not place dogs in homes that intend to keep them outdoors, in a garage or shed - or any other place than the actual house - we place house dogs only.  No exceptions.

Who We Are

All Terrier Rescue was founded and incorporated in 1991.  Jeri and Samantha Miller the owners of the rescue started out by having a wonderful Scottish Terrier named Tessa.  Tessa helped them join the Terrier Association, National Scottie Rescue and several other breed related clubs.  In 1990 the Miller's started fostering for the Oregon Humane Society and shortly there after All Terrier Rescue was born. 

Jeri and Samantha run the show at All Terrier Rescue.  7 days - they are taking care of the dogs you don't see at the Petsmart, running dogs to grooming, vet, specialists, etc.  The kennel for the rescue houses anywhere from 50 to 100 dogs at any given time - the dogs come in different stages of health from really, really critical to ok.  So its a very very stressful job and a tremendous amount of responsibility to keep everything in tip top shape.  Then there is their own pack of lovelies to take care of at home.  

Over the many years we have participated in hundreds of property seizures, hoarding situations, hurricanes and feral dog population round ups.  We have participated for many years in aiding the country of Mexico in its ongoing Distemper/Influenza problem, feral dog problem and starving street dog population.  Our knowledge of the shelter world and horrible pet overpopulation problems is extensive.  

We believe in helping the underdog shelter so all the dogs in our rescue have come from shelters where the people population does not support the dog population - Thousands of dogs are destroyed in small towns because there are simply just no homes for them there.  So we work with animal transport companies and high kill shelters to bring the dogs here for placement.  You will see that we usually have a great selection of puppies as well as adult dogs - this is becuase if there are simply no homes for these animals where they live now then the fact is the fact it does not matter if its a puppy or adult they are euthanizing - it does not matter if its a purebred or mix, or even a vary rare purebred - plain and simple; no homes means, no homes.  

Many of these dogs have been running loose on the streets for months or years, have been starving on the end of a chain, or been in the Animal Control Facilities for months - some even born their and lived their for months or years.  We are working with these shelters to get those dogs here and ready for forever loving homes.  

We successfully place approximately 1,000 dogs a year. We finished 2015 with 1,083 dog adoptions.  

We have a 2% return rate.  Giving us a 96% successful placement rating.

We have an excellent team of employees who are dedicated to our cause, and excellent Veterinary Care available to all our Adopters.

We are always needing help with foster homes for dogs that are waiting for adoption or have medical issues that need to be taken care of prior to adoption so contact us by email if you have extra time we appreciate all the help we can get.

Come Visit Us

We are eager to help you in person at the Petsmart located at 8825 SW Cascade Ave, Beaverton OR 97007 - We are there EVERY Thursday 4-7pm and Saturdays 11-5pm.  Come join us for lots of doggie fun!!

Also on Saturdays 12-5pm we have doggies at the TIGARD PETSMART ON DARTMOUTH!  Come check them out!!

Why "in person" ?  Because we want to see the person that is wanting to take one of our wonderful rescue dogs home, we want to talk to you, make sure we are an agreeable match for each other and make sure the dog is going to get the help and training it needs.  We also need to see that your making an effort to not "internet surf" for a dog - Our rescue of 2 people and 100 dogs only have so much time to answer emails and have taken the time to keep this webpage updated.  

We provide a very large number of dogs and puppies to view and choose from.  


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