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Adopting a Doberman is a big responsibility, and we're here to help you through each step.  Even if you don't see a dog listed for adoption that you think you'd like to take home, the first thing you want to do is write to us for an adoption application packet.  The more information you can fill out in the packet, the better our chances of matching you with that perfect furever friend! 


Once we've received your application packet, and gone over it, we usually do a home visit with the dog you're interested in adopting.  This lets us see if the dog will fit in to your household, and helps to identify any possible problems before they develop.  After the home visit, we can begin processing your adoption!


All our dogs are part of our Linn Benton Doberman Rescue family, so we really care what happens to them.  We always offer a 30 day grace period with each adoption.  If the dog doesn't work out in your household, you can bring him or her back, and get a full refund of your adoption fee.  After the first thirty days, we can't refund you, but we will always, for the life of the dog, be available to help rehome the dog if for some reason you're unable to keep your companion. 


So what can you expect of our dogs?  Each Linn Benton Doberman has:

  • Had at least one wellness exam with our veterinarian
  • Been neutered or spayed if age appropriate (special terms apply to puppies)
  • Been treated for fleas and parasites
  • Had a personality assessment
  • Received a microchip
  • Had their medical or special dietary needs assessed, documented, and treated
  • Received all age appropriate vaccinations

Who We Are

About Us

  • Who we are: Linn Benton Doberman Rescue is an private all volunteer not for profit organization.   We don’t have large scale facilities like the Humane Society, but we do provide individual, person to person service.
  • What we do: LBDR is first and foremost, an organization dedicated to the love of Dobermans.  While we do take owner surrender animals, abandoned dogs, and death-row Dobes, our first goal is to ensure that no dog is abandoned in the first place.  We offer crisis support to troubled Doberman owners, including help networking with dog trainers, assistance in spay and neutering, and assistance with medical emergencies.   We also offer support to Doberman owners facing the ultimate hard choice,  by providing a representative to accompany or handle the details of euthanasia.   In those cases where surrender are inevitable, we try to ease the path for both people and the dogs.   We assist in placement of abandoned or abused Dobermans, including medical support and basic obedience training.
  • Why we do it: Linn Benton Doberman Rescue has been founded because there simply isn’t enough support in the Pacific North-West for abandoned and special needs Dobermans.  Many of Oregon’s shelters have automatic kill policies on so called “aggressive” breeds, which sadly includes Dobermans.   Further cause for LBDR comes from the fact that very few organizations will assist in the placement or crisis support of mixed breed Dobermans.  Linn Benton Doberman Rescue is proud to support all Dobermans, regardless of breeding.
  • Where we work: Currently, Linn Benton Doberman Rescue is centered in Linn County, Oregon.  We don’t have a central facility, instead of operating a kennel or shelter, we network dogs into foster families around the area.  Our foster homes are screened carefully, and provide unparalleled support to both dogs and their potential new adoptive families.  Learn more about fostering versus kennel-care shelters in our other pages.
  • When we operate: Because we don’t run a shelter, we don’t have specific hours of operation.  You can almost always reach us by email or by phone, and we strive to get back to everybody in as timely a manner as is possible.  Because this is an all volunteer operation, there’s almost always at least one person available to talk to you.
  • Our limitations: As much as we would love to be able to help every single Oregon Doberman in need, we are a small organization, and our funding is scarce.  Due to this, we operate on a weighted need basis.  For example, our ability to accept surrendered animals is limited by the number of foster homes we have available–so if at all possible, we work with you to ensure that you don’t have to give up your beloved Doberman, or we can help you place the dog directly from your own home.    Currently, we are mainly serving Linn and Benton Counties, however, we can make determinations to take in dogs and cases from all across Oregon.
  • Our goals: We hope to gather enough volunteer support to make LBDR a force to be reckoned with in the health and welfare of Oregon’s Doberman community.  Our current goal is to gain 501(c)3 status by April 2011.   We strive to provide quality, compassionate assistance to all of our community, two legged as well as four legged.  Visit our How to Help page for more information on how you can assist LBDR in our mission to help others.
  • Our Ethics: We adhere strictly to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Code of Ethics.  You can read them here: DPCA Code of Ethics

All Linn Benton Doberman Rescue dogs are treated by Ark Animal Hospital, in Philomath, Oregon.  We’d like to give a very big thank you to everybody over at Ark Animal Hospital.  Our lives wouldn’t be the same without such a wonderful, dedicated veterinary staff.

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