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The animals who come into Sanctuary at Ananda have been rescued from kill shelters, slaughter houses, factory farms, and other scenes of oppression and violence. They come here to heal, and to find love. Now, they need you. All the animals on this page are looking for their forever homes. Please help them find their way home. Every animal you adopt from Ananda means space for us to rescue another animal. Please don't breed, buy, or sell animals while 5 million healthy dogs and cats die in shelters every year.

Who We Are

Ananda Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is devoted to the provision of respect, understanding, and sanctuary for all animals. We believe that non-human animals deserve the same moral consideration and compassion that humans deserve. We work to save the lives of animals threatened with slaughter, with abuse, with neglect, and with the constant reality of kill shelters. Every dog or cat or potbellied pig whom you adopt from us opens up a space, which means one more dog or cat or potbellied pig can be brought into Sanctuary and saved. Please do your part to save some of the millions of animals who are killed unnecessarily in kill shelters each year: adopt! Don't buy, sell, or breed animals while so many die for lack of homes.

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Contact us if you would like to help us foster, socialize animals, volunteer or participate in any of our work parties.

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