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Visit our SOSCAT website at http://www.soscat.org

All cats have been spayed or neutered, had all their vaccinations, and flea, ear mite and worming treatments. 

Prior to adoption, your application and home must be approved.  The application is on our website at: www.soscat.org.

Send donations to PO Box 354, Oakland Oregon. Please make checks payable to SOSCAT.

Adopting A Friend

We like our adopters to visit our adoption centers or foster homes to find your new best feline friend, before deciding on one of our kitties. Download our adoption application from our website at http://www.soscat.org. You can complete it and mail it back to us at PO Box 354, Oakland, Oregon 97462, or you can drop it off at our adoption center, located at 122 Locust St in Oakland, Oregon. You can also scan the completed application, then email to soscat.org@gmail.com.

Our adoption fee is $55 for each kitten/cat OR $100 for two kittens/cats adopted to same household.

We require 3 non-relative references, your veterinary information and we do a home visit to ensure that your home is a safe place. For long distance adoptions, we will require pictures of your home. We prefer indoor only homes for our kitties, but if you have a safe outdoor environment for your new kitty, we will accept that too.

Who We Are

Our mission is to reduce the stray and feral population of cats in the Sutherlin/Oakland areas. We spay or neuter feral cats and return them to their colonies. We use the U.S. standard TNR (trap/neuter/return) method for feral cats. We also take in stray and abandoned cats, of which there are thousands in our area. We spay or neuter, give them vaccinations, whatever medical care they require and find them all, loving, responsible, forever homes where they will be a part of the family/home and be treated with love and care for the rest of their lives. We expect them to live long healthy lives with the help of their new pet parents who will take them in for regular Vet visits and of course take them to their Vet if they should get sick or injured.

Come Visit Us

Visit our SOSCAT website at http://www.soscat.org

SOSCAT's Oakland Adoption Center is located inside our gift shop called Alley Cat Treasures. Our Oakland Adoption Center is open daily from 12pm - 4pm and is located at 122 SE Locust St.

Also, some of our cats/kittens are in foster homes, so it is best to call (541-581-0381) or email (soscat.org@gmail.com) inquiries about specific cats/kittens before going to either adoption center.

Contact SOSCAT - Sutherlin-Oakland Stray Cat Action Team


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