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Cat Rescue & Adoption Network is looking for more fosters for the ever increasing number of animals we have.  If you live in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area, you are eligible.

Fosters provide a room, such as a spare bathroom, for their foster cats.  CRAN provides all medical care,bedding, food and litter. 

Fostering time varies depending on the animal, from a week to a few months.  You choose whether to foster bottle babies, kittens or adult cats. Fostering is a wonderful way of having a pet without a permanent commitment. It is very rewarding to foster; the cats lap up the TLC you give and that helps them become more adoptable

If you are interested in exploring fostering, please call 541-225-4955. 

Adopting A Friend


Adopt: How To Adopt

Thank you for considering adopting a homeless companion animal from Cat Rescue & Adoption Network. Our goal is to help you find a companion that suits your household, lifestyle and personality. You should begin by viewing our available homeless companions on this website.


All of our cats are located either in one of our adoption centersor a foster home. If you are in the neighborhood, you are more than welcome to drop by one of our adoption centers to view available animals. Adoption counselors are generally on-site on the weekends from 10-4. Feel free to call us at 541-225-4955 (option 1 for cats) and leave us your contact information and which specific companion animal or general animal type you are interested in and we’ll arrange to have you meet your potential new friend.

WCDC reserves the right to approve all adoptions as we are committed to the welfare of the animals in our care as well as meeting your personal needs.



The adoption fee includes:


  • Spay or neuter
  • Microchip
  • Cats and kittens are tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS
  • FVRCP (upper respiratory/distemper) vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • De-worming with Drontal (a broad-spectrum wormer that also treats tapeworms)
  • Treated for fleas with Advantage
  • Checked and treated for ear mites if necessary
  • Complimentary cardboard carrier
  • Free initial vet exam visit (with participating veterinary clinics)

CRAN provides superb care for the animals in our shelters and foster homes and makes a reasonable effort to provide healthy companion animals to adopters, but nevertheless, CRAN cannot be responsible for veterinary bills or treatment of an animal after leaving our shelter.


Adoption Fees  Kittens (6 months and under)$120.00Two Kittens (adopted same day)$225.00Teenage (6 months - 1 Yr.)$100.00Two Teenage Cats (See Bonded Pairs)$190.00Adults (1 - 7 yrs)$  75.00Two Adults $130.00Senior or Special needs cat$  60.00


Adoption fees for individual cats can vary.
Bonded Pairs
Occasionally we receive cats who arrive together and are bonded to each other. In these cases, we may designate the cats as a bonded pair, and we will try to adopt them together. The adoption fee is lowered in these cases, in the interest of finding the cats a loving home. If they have not been adopted together after a lengthy period of time, they may be allowed to be adopted separately.




Who We Are

Our mission is to provide care and find loving homes for cats and kittens of our community, with a focus on those with special needs.

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Visit our web site to learn more!  http://www.CatRescues.org


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