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Friends of Coos County Animals (FOCCAS), Inc., is an approved 501(c)3 IRS organization. FOCCAS has been established since March 2006. FOCCAS was organized exclusively for charitable purposes, and especially, to support and enhance services for the Coos County Animal Shelter including organizations and causes that promote animal welfare.
We are proud to say that with the help of our dedicated volunteers FOCCAS has found loving homes for almost 3000 animals in 10 years. Our adoption event is on Saturdays at Pony Village Shopping Mall in North Bend, Oregon. On the Beautiful Oregon Coast.

Provide foster homes to animals in need. Foster homes for these animals always needed.

The animals in our care receive any medical they may need within reason. All are spayed or neutered and other medical care is done such as dentals, hernia repairs or amputations.

Showcase and adopt animals to the public via our Adoption Booth at Pony Village Shopping Center in North Bend, Oregon. We also attend the Seafood Festival in Charleston, Blackberry Festival in Coos Bay, Cranberry Festival in Bandon and Fun Fest in Coos Bay during the summer.

Our adoption goal is to match the family and the pet so everyone and every animal in the household is happy.

Provide needed vaccines for dogs and cats to the Coos County Animal Shelter, deworming medication, flea treatments, other medication for the shelter animals, cardboard cage scratchers, cardboard carriers for the cats, and anything the county does not budget.

Educate the public about animal issues such as: Pet Overpopulation, Euthanasia and Spaying/Neutering Animals.

Provide spay/neuter vouchers to those meeting the criteria and when funds are available.

Build public awareness as to the human/animal bond and its benefits to society.

Educate the public as to the responsibilities of pet ownership in an attempt to alleviate unwanted pets.

Search for and apply for Grants and Donations for animal welfare.

Volunteer time to the Coos County Animal Shelter for routine duties.

Our shelter plaque program helps us to finance the vaccines for the shelter.

Work toward having the Coos County Animal Shelter become a "no kill" shelter.

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Friends of Coos County Animals
PO Box 911

Coos Bay, OR 97420-10
Phone: 541-269-1989

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