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We are long-time American Eskimo owners, who now also foster and carefully place rescued Eskies. In addition to those dogs we currently have available for adoption, we usually know of other available American Eskimo Dogs in the Oregon/Washington area, or we can look further afield for you on the Eskie lists. We try to make sure that your family and your new Eskie are a good match and will enjoy each other for many years to come, and will help any way we can to make sure that goal is achieved. ;-)

We believe that American Eskimo Dogs are intelligent, loving, beautiful companions who need to be with their families as much as possible. These are not dogs that can be left to spend their lives out in the yard, though a fenced yard is important for good fun play, as is another dog buddy.

We believe in training using purely positive reinforcement and operant conditioning, i.e. clicker training. Eskies are wonderful dogs with active minds and great responsiveness to training. Clicker training works well with them because it rewards them for using their brains and imagination, instead of punishing them for veering off course. Through clicker training, you and your dog will become partners working towards the same goals.
Stacy's Wag'N'Train Clicker Training
Karen Pryor's Clicker Training
Gary Wilkes' Click and Treat Training

We believe in feeding a raw, natural diet -- the food dogs were designed to eat! We believe that a simple, grain-free, dairy-free diet is the way to help your dog enjoy a long, healthy life.
An excerpt from Kymythy Schultze's Book, "Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet"
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Frequently Asked Questions (BARF FAQ)
BARF for Beginners
What's Really in Pet Food, Animal Protection Institute

Out of "Business" Announcement

Due to my own health and vision issues, I've had to stop doing active rescue. In special circumstances I might be able to match an adopter with a dog, or I can help with advice on training, feeding, or other dog topics, but my activities are pretty limited these days. ;-/
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