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The Reedsport K9 Shelter is a no-kill Shelter located on West Railroad Avenue off Port Dock Road in Reedsport, Oregon. Operating under the Reedsport Police Department, it is staffed by a volunteer manager and a group of dedicated volunteers who care for the many dogs received from the coastal area of Douglas County. The City of Reedsport has a very small budget for the maintenance of the building, property and utilities of the shelter. The dogs' needs are supplied totally by funds, food, and assorted needs donated by benefactors in our community and abroad. Local veterinarians donate their services, medicines, and supplies at reduced or no cost to the dogs in need.

Due to lack of funds, we are not an "open" shelter. You may meet the dogs by appointment. We show 7 days a week, and usually on the same day as asked. We are very low-pressure, and there is no time crunch. We want you to get to know the dogs and learn about their good and bad traits, so that you can make an informed decision. We believe that forever homes are made with no surprises and no need to rush the dogs into new homes.

Adopting a Friend

We ask for a donation between $25 - $150 so we may continue caring for the animals in our facility. Dogs that we have spayed/neutered, vaccinated & microchipped require a little larger donation. We require the new owner spay or neuter the dog (if the dog has not already been) within a specified time period and vaccinate and license the dog in the county where they reside.

If you are in the Reedsport area, please notify the Reedsport Police 541.271.2100.

Contact Information

The shelter is run by the Reedsport Police Department at
146 N 4th St, Reedsport, OR 97467

The dogs are kept at 185 West Railroad Avenue in Reedsport.

541.271.2100 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or

541.662.2062 for the shelter manager, Sherry Watson.