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Who We Are

Oregon Weimaraner Rescue is committed to finding homes for Weimaraners in need. We are not a shelter . . . all of our Weimaraners are currently living with foster families. We are always in need of volunteers and foster familes. Please visit our website at http://www.oregonweimrescue.org for more information.

Adopting a Weimaraner

Before contacting us about any of our available Weimaraners, we ask that you visit our website at http://www.oregonweimrescue.org and read the 'How To Adopt' page thoroughly. If you meet the requirements and are interested, the next step is to fill out the 'Adoption Application' found on the page. We are committed to finding safe homes for all of our Weimaraners. You should answer the 'Are You Ready for a Rescue Weimaraner' questions to yourself, then take the 'Is a Weimaraner Right for You?' Quiz before filling out an application.

Oregon Weimaraner Rescue http://www.oregonweimrescue.org

Portland, Oregon

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