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How to Adopt:

1.        View our available adoptable dogs listed on this page.

2.       Next step is to let us know which dog(s) captured your heart.  Please contact us at adoptions@luvabledogrescue.org to inquire more.

3.       Vicky or a representative of Luvable will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss your inquiry.

4.       Once we learn more about you, we will e-mail you an application and set up an appointment for a visit.

Who We Are

Luvable Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that began in 1999. We are a volunteer-based organization dedicated to re-homing exceptional, loving dogs who have been rescued from high-kill shelters where they had little chance of being adopted.  

Our motto of  “Place, Pack and Purpose,” guides our rescue philosophy.  “Place” refers to our peaceful and beautiful 55-acre wooded sanctuary, which transforms neglected dogs into happy and healthy companions through playtime outdoors and miles of hiking.  We use the “Pack” (both human and canine) to also heal, teach, and socialize the dogs, so that they can succeed at the dogs “Purpose” which is to be a loving companion and family member.

Luvable Dog Rescue dogs live either at our main kennel facility or with a foster family. Our dogs spend many hours a day with staff and volunteers, to enrich their lives and allow us to get to know them in order to place them in the most compatible home. Our dogs receive daily hikes on wooded trails, and enjoy play groups with other dogs, premium food, plenty of human company, mentally stimulating games, expert medical care, and a whole lot of love.

We evaluate every Luvable dog as an individual, and take the time to get to know each one.  Every dog has a unique personality based on their genetics, background experiences, training, and environment. We make every effort to place each dog into the home environment best suited for their individual temperament and needs, and the most compatible with the expectations and lifestyle of the adoptive family.  We put a lot of care and thought into the adoption process. Every dog at our rescue organization will be spayed/neutered, treated for parasites, checked and treated for any medical conditions, provided dental work if needed, microchipped, and given all vaccinations.  Our cost to save and treat one dog easily exceeds the average adoption fee of $225.  Families adopting a rescued dog are not only saving a life, but also getting a great value.  To buy a dog from a pet store or breeder and then provide the dog with all of its basic medical and health needs could cost well over $1000. 

We rely on donations, grants and loyal supporters to continue our rescue mission, since providing immediate and ongoing care for our dog population costs far more than what we make in adoption fees.  If you are able to make a contribution to us, we are very grateful!

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