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Vom Ztrand German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption Division

Barbara Hanner

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Sheila Dunn
Divison Co-Director for the Walterville Division

Knightenhaus German Shepherd Rescue Divison

Peggy Knight
Divison Co Director of the Lebanon Divison

Shurlees Pomeranian Rescue Divison

Shirlee Sanders
Divison Co Director of the Scottsville Division

Rottweiler & Large Breed Foster Home

Shannon Reber
Foster Home for our dogs

Bull Dog rescue Railroad Division
Sheila Dunn
Divison Co-Director for BRRR Transport Division

Samatha introduces himself...

Hi :-) My name is Samatha. I would make a wonderful family dog or companion for a retired couple or stay at home person.

Just click below on "Samatha's other friends of Dogs & Cats ready for adoption" then click on my icon to read all about me.

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What is South Coast Animal League

South Coast Animal League,is a 501{c}{3} non-profit Animal Welfare Organization that has been in existence since 1978 & dedicated to the health & welfare of Animals.

What does SCAL do?

Dogs who have been abandoned, surrendered by their owners, transferred from another shelters or rescues, or rescued from a puppy mill or other abusive situations, all become part of SCALs Foster Program. They reside with either the Director or in a volunteer foster home, where they receive their vaccinations, veterinary care if needed, training and love. The more that is learned about each dog from its foster family, the better the dog can be matched with an appropriate adoptive family in a forever home. All SCAL dogs are either spayed or neutered before going to their new homes, or the procedure is made part of the adoption contract. SCAL does not euthanize any adoptable animal for space; the dogs stay in the foster program until a permanent home can be found. SCALs Adoption program strives to match the needs of each dog with the needs, lifestyle and expectations of folks wishing to adopt a new family member. Prospective adopters are interviewed by phone as to the type of dog they would like and their families living situation, and their references are verified. If they can be matched to one of SCAL dogs, the dog is transported to them for an introduction, at which time a home check is done to ensure each dogs safety, happiness and well-being. If the Adoption is approved, the Adoption Agreement is signed and Adoption Fee paid. New adoptive families receive a complete packet containing educational information, referrals to local Certified Obedience Trainers. SCAL is always available to help dog owners with questions or other concerns. SCAL also provides free referral services for families looking for a specific type of dog. We work with other non-profit rescues, and many other animal welfare organizations throughout the Western states. SCAL volunteers also participate in the transportation of needy dogs, both SCAL dogs as well as dogs needing transportation through our area to other rescue groups, foster homes, or permanent homes. Just to name a couple, 3 Chihuahua puppies were driven from SCALs facility to their new homes, 1 in Canada and 2 to the Portland area utilizing this voluntary transport method in cooperation with other responsible organizations and individuals. Some of our dogs are sent to a trainer to be trained for law enforcement for drug sniffing dogs. Once trained they are donated to a Police Department that is need of a trained dog. We also have our dogs listed in the Shebang local paper that are up for adoption in their local monthly paper. SCAL also offers our Lost Pet Tag. Our tags have our phone number on them with please call SCAL for quick identification. With our program each tag comes with a one-year pet location service. Lost Pets who become lost & being found by a stranger can easily be returned to their homes quickly with the assistance of SCAL. This can be a real traumatic experience for both owner & pet & the sooner the pet is returned home the less traumatic the experience will be for all concerned. We require a picture of the pet, pets name, a description of the pet, any other need to know descriptions or medical needs, name, address, & phone number of the owners. All this information helps us to identify the pet in question once the pet has been found & the phone call made to us. Once the pet has been identified through SCAL, the owners are notified by us & we help with the return of the dog home if our help is further needed. There is so much more to do to educate our community in a wide range of areas including the importance of responsible pet owner ship ,spay/neuter, family dog training and animal health care, as well as the evils of puppy mills and the link of animal abuse to domestic violence and child abuse. SCAL also seeks to inform the public about the services to the society provided by companion dogs for the disabled, hearing dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, police canines, and the joys of the animal/human bond. SCAL offers many volunteer opportunities for anyone who would like to help. SCAL receives no funding from any federal, state or county agency and relies solely on donations and private grants to fund our work. Please help South Coast Animal League (SCAL) by sending donations, or anything you may not be using, to help us continue our plight to help the animals.

Adopt A Friend

South Coast Animal League Pet Dog Rescue Divison

SCALs Adoption program strives to match the needs of each dog with the needs, lifestyle and expectations of folks wishing to adopt a new family member. Our Pet Dog Rescue Divison fosters, temperment tests & puts the dogs through every type of situation before a dog is ready for adoption. If problems arise that is needed to be worked with we work on those problems to help the dog to over come it's problem so it can become a safe & happy family dog.

SCALs Vom Ztrand German Shepherd Rescue Division

SCALs Vom Ztrand German Shepherd Rescue Division Vom Ztrand German Shepherd Rescue is a specialty rescue that rescues German Shepherds & places them in loving homes, police departments, or where ever their temperament tells us they may be qualified to do or be.

SCALs Rottweiler & Large Breed Rescue Division

SCALs Rottweiler Rescue Division is a specialty rescue that fosters our Rotties. SCAL places these dogs in loving homes to experienced owners with the help from Shannon who is very experienced with this breed.

SCALs Pomeranian Rescue Division

SCALs Pomeranian Divison Co Director Shurlee Sanders is our specialty rescue which Shurlee is very experienced with Poms knowing all about them & can help you with a Pom to adopt for your family companion.

Come visit us

Lebanon, Oregon
(By Appointment ONLY)

South Coast Animal League -Oregon Division

Lebanon, Oregon 97386

Phone: 541-259-5673

Co Director Email: knightenhausk9@yahoo.com


Come visit us in

Red Bluff California
(By Appointment ONLY)

Phone: 530-527-5702

Director Email: gsdlover@sbcglobal.net

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