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A rescue dog will learn the song in your heart and sing it back to you when you have forgotten it.

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Our organization is a nonprofit 501c3 (EIN 45-3911052), volunteer-only rescue organization. Although we strive to rescue and re-home Alaskan malamutes, wolfdogs, and other Nordic breeds, our main goal is to educate the public regarding the Nordic breed, the wolfdog and their wild cousin, the wolf.

We believe the merry-go-round of unwanted dogs being killed will not stop until people are educated and understand the dogs they have an interest in.

We are not breeders and believe that breeding should only be carried out to better the specific breed. We do not support volume breeders of ANY breed; there are reputable breeders for any breed of dog. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Check with the national breed club or your local dog club. This includes wolfdogs. Although not an approved AKC breed, there are still reputable, responsible breeders of wolfdogs.

PLEASE examine your motives carefully before choosing to buy a wolfdog or malamute or any breed and bringing them into your home. Research the breed carefully and make absolutely sure you know what you are getting into.

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Who "We" Are

We are not a shelter or humane society. We are a group of volunteers working together to help the commonly misunderstood breeds that we love and wish to educate others about. The dogs you see here have come from owners who can no longer provide for them for one reason or another; from local shelters; or from law enforcement agencies who have removed them from abusive situations. Many of our dogs are in foster care, though we do have boarding and training partners that will house dogs who come to us unsuitable for foster care.
All of our dogs are supported strictly from donations or our personal funds. All work is done by wonderful volunteers who do not get paid for their services. We have NO paid employees. ALL funds that come in to us by donation go toward food, shelter, vet costs, and if we can squeeze any extra -- toys and treats. There are no salaried employees here, no expensive web developers, and no professional photographers. We are it, and whatever you can give in services, specialty, time or donations is always appreciated.

Adopting a friend

We require a completed application with references (such as your family veterinarian) and a home visit. Adoption contracts also include a clause that requires the dog be returned to our care if you are unable to keep the dog for any reason not to family, friends, or somebody off of Craigslist. IF you would like to rehome your dog with a close friend or family member, please let us know and we will facilitate the transition. We do this to make sure none of our dogs slip through the cracks and end up back where they started...in a shelter or cold and alone, hungry and wondering what they did wrong.
Since our dogs come out of foster care, your application will be shown to the foster parent that knows the most about this dog and reviewed by the board. Please indicate if you are open to another dog on your application, and list possible alternatives. We are not a first come-first serve adoption agency. Our main goal is to match every dog with the home that will set them up for success. If you are not that home, we will let you know.
We do not adopt out intact dogs or breeding animals. All of our dogs come from unknown lineage and it would be irresponsible to breed them. Our adoption fees range from $150-$250 depending on the dog and each dog will come neutered/spayed and up to date on shots.

A few notes when considering adoption from us:

All of the work done by the rescue is done by wonderful volunteers -- unpaid volunteers! We are a strictly run by donation ONLY; we receive no other funds. We now accept Paypal to make it easier to donate to our rescue. Checks can still be made out to Songdog Rescue and sent to our address, listed at the bottom of this page.

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We are NOT a public shelter. ALL of our rescues are located in foster homes. Because of this, we are not open to the public for business hours. PLEASE CALL AHEAD as we need to know which dog you are interested in so we can let the foster home know to be available and to have the foster home make arrangements directly with you to meet the dog you are interested in.

Note to Adopters

Lassie, Cleo, Rin Tin Tin and Toto don't show up in Rescue. We don't get the elegantly coiffed, classically beautiful, completely trained, perfectly behaved dog. We get the leftovers. Dogs that other people have incompetently bred, inadequately socialized, ineffectively "trained," and badly treated. Most Rescue dogs have had it. They've been pushed from one lousy situation to another. They've never had proper veterinary care, kind and consistent training, or sufficient company. They've lived outside, in a crate, or in the basement. They're scared, depressed and anxious. Some are angry. Some are sick. Some have given up. But we are Rescue and we don't give up. We never give up on a dog. We know that a dog is a living being, with a spirit and a heart and feelings. Our dogs are not commodities, things, or garbage. They are part of sacred creation and they deserve as much love and care and respect as the next Westminster champion. So please, please don't come to Rescue in the hopes of getting a "bargain," or indeed of "getting" anything. Come to Rescue to give, to love, to save a life -- and to mend your own spirit. For Rescue will reward you in ways you never thought possible. I can promise you this -- a rescue dog will make you a better person.

Gone but never Forgotten

We are unable to save them all. Some dogs come to us older, infirmed, with untreated health conditions and years of neglect that cut their lives short. We give each dog the best quality of life that we can, and when we are no longer able to ensure they are living without suffering, we let them go.
We have fond memories of some of our rescues that have gone before us to meet us at The Rainbow Bridge:

Angel, Crystal, Dessah, Luke, Fancy, Levi, Tuck , Ronnie, Yukon, and Sunnie.

We were not able to find their forever homes but they were loved and cherished in the time they had with us. In a perfect world, they would have found their own homes before leaving this world. But then, in a perfect world, they would never have ended up in rescue, would they?

Our Rescue Partnerships

Lucky Paws of Springfield, OR
Pixie Project in Portland, OR
Safehaven Humane Society of Albany, OR
Hope's Haven of Salem, OR

Petsmart of Medford, OR & Wilsonville,OR

"I looked at all the caged dogs in the shelter... the cast offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry.
"God", I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?"
God was silent for a moment and then he spoke softly. "I have done something," he replied, " I created you".

Phone: 541-382-0065
Email: wolfangelrescue@ykwc.net
1550-B Biddle Rd.
Medford, OR 97504
United States

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