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BrightSide Animal Center (formerly Humane Society of Redmond)

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BrightSide Animal Center is a 501c3, non-profit organization established to:

  1. Provide shelter and care for unwanted or abandoned animals
  2. Provide adoption or placement of animals in quality homes
  3. Provide education in areas of spay/neuter, veterinary care, food and shelter for the humane treatment of all animals

Adopting a Friend

We have many wonderful animals available for adoption, check out our animals on www.petfinder.com, and then come out to the shelter to visit. If you find the perfect new best friend, the procedure is fairly simple. First you fill out a adoption questionnaire. Next you will speak with an adoption counselor, and finally the necessary paperwork will be completed. The adoption fees:

  • Dogs: Start at 75.00
  • Cats: Start at $45.00

Volunteering and Donations

We welcome volunteers at the shelter who are 15 years or older to exercise and socialize the animals. Donations are greatly appreciated and accepted.

Come visit us at: www.brightsideanimals.org

BrightSide Animal Center
1355 NE Hemlock Ave
P.O.Box 1404
Redmond, OR 97756

Phone: 541-923-0882
Email: adoptions@brightsideanimals.org