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Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary (SCWS) is an animal sanctuary, located in North Pickering, founded in 1996 by Joyce Smith. Second Chance is situated on a farm property owned by Club Link Corporation. Second Chance gratefully acknowledges Club Link Corporation for the continuing support. One of Joyce’s unfulfilled goals, which is shared by the present board, members and volunteers, was to raise enough funds to purchase a piece of property to ensure that SCWS will always continue its mission to help needy animals.

Until 2004, Second Chance operated as both a wildlife rehabilitation center and shelter for domestic animals. Circa 2004, changes to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources made it impossible for Second Chance to fulfill both functions. Thereafter, Second Chance’s activities were confined to domestic animals and, presently, principally cats.

Second Chance’s commitment to help homeless and needy cats continues. Currently, SCWS is home to some 250 cats.

As a no-kill shelter, Second Chance is a true sanctuary. It is a strong advocate for the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs – all cats available for adoption from Second Chance have been, or are required to be, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. SCWS participates in PetSmart’s animal adoption program via the adoption center at PetSmart’s Pickering location.

SCWS does not receive government funding of any kind and relies on private donations to continue operating. Run by volunteers and employing a small number of part-time staff, its administrative costs are minimal, ensuring that donations go straight to the bottom line, i.e., housing, feeding, spaying/neutering and medicating the feline residents. Feeding such a large number of cats is a very important part of our operation. SCWS is very grateful to Science Diet who gives us vital support in this area via their shelter support program.

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Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary
#2060 Concession Road #7
Pickering, Ontario L1Y 1A2
Phone: (905)649-8282
Fax: (905)649-6338

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