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CYTR Volunteers are not breeders. CYTR is a private group of individuals with a admirable Code of Rescue Ethics. CYTR is comprised of unpaid *working* volunteers dedicated to the welfare/rescue of Yorkshire Terriers, however, CYTR may help other small breeds, from euthanasia or from owner surrenders, pounds, kill shelters, unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abusive situations, puppymills, etc. It's all about the DOGS.

CYTR does not receive government type assistance or other source funding. We struggle day to day. CYTR actually relies on donations to help with the day to day needs of the dogs in our care. CYTR does not pay for accounting or other extended type services. Volunteers are giving and remain *unpaid*. CYTR does not have paid "staff". Volunteers purchase food for CYTR foster dogs, groom or pay for grooming; use their own vehicles and gas; use their own cleaning and dog related supplies, etc. CYTR Volunteers even take vacation days to "get things done". Volunteers - GIVE. Rest assured, YOUR DONATIONS go to the dogs - not operating expenses.

Although our focus in Rescue remains with the Yorkshire Terrier breed, CYTR will work with other ethical and reputable rescue organizations to ensure that the animals best interest comes first.

To INQUIRE about CYTR or our available rescue dogs, please EMAIL first. Should you have an owner surrender or have an emergency, please note that in the Subject line of your email. Emails ONLY - There is NO PHONE number - do NOT call the Vet with Inquiries!!

If you would like to ~*~ DONATE ~*~ towards CYTR's Vet Bills, please don't delay, for donations ONLY CALLS WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED THROUGH THE VET - Email us with " DONATIONS " (or something similar) in the subject line OR login into and email / send your payment to email address Every donation is needed and greatly appreciated.

Not only is CYTR in need of supplies for the dogs to which we care for, CYTR is also in need of donations of other supplies not limited to but, including Software - i.e. a Variety of Computer Programs, Computer type services, Computer Laptops, flash drives, CDs, DVDs; external back up hard drives, etc.
CYTR is desperately seeking Printing and Design Services to help with education and publicity. YOUR talents and creativity can go a long way to help recreate and print our informational handouts, Brochures, CYTR contact Card printing. Placing CYTR's Logo on many different items through Screen printing, Embroidery, Loom weaving, and/or whatever else you may have to offer.

Note: If YOUR social or hobby group could holding just ONE get together per year as a Fundraiser for CYTR ....It would truly make a big difference to the orphans that we care for each and every day! It would probably be very little work for you, it may be something that you already do...Possibilities are endless and CYTR is always open to constructive suggestions. Email your ideas to us.

There are other ways that you can help like CYTR - with our Crafting & Creativity Group in making or donating items such as comfort blankies for our rescue dogs.
AND feel free to join our YORKIE AND SMALL BREED MEET UP CLUB !Visit CYTR's Website at to find out more or keep reading...
If you would like, please join the Yorkshire Terrier and Small Breed MEET UP CLUB. A great place to visit with fellow Yorkshire Terrier and other small breed Owners, please Click the Icon below to join the Club. CYTR invites all Volunteers, Adopters and owners to be a part of this get together of like minded individuals who are owned by their small dogs! You can easily join the Meet Up Club by clicking the Join YahooGroup link on our website.
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To ensure that CYTR meets our goals to save a dogs life, or improve upon its living conditions, CYTR liaisons with kill and non-kill shelters, pounds, other rescues, owners and whomever else, CYTR can. CYTR does believe that with these combined efforts CYTR can cut down on the number of animals that are euthanized needlessly each year. Not all dogs that come into CYTR's care have come from horrible situations, they were just in need of a new home.

If you or anyone you know no longer wishes to care for a Yorkshire Terrier, or like mix, (even another other small breed) please take comfort in knowing that experienced Volunteers at CYTR are here to help. When an owner surrenders an animal into our Rescue, CYTR is not judgmental regarding the factors as to why an owner would like to find an alternate home for their dog(s).

CYTR respects everyones privacy. In fact, CYTR Volunteers are aware that not all dogs and all humans can live harmoniously within the same environment. Situation and lifestyle changes are inevitable, and not everyone can care for an animal with special needs.

Within the comforts of CYTR's approved and "private" Foster Homes, not cages, CYTR Volunteers then provide the necessary medical attention, rehabilitation, emotional support and re-training for all rescued dogs that come into our care. It is only then, and through careful screening, that CYTR finds loving forever homes for these delicate animals who have so much to offer!

Please also note that CYTR Volunteers are unselfish and very "giving". CYTR Volunteers will not get to adopt any rescue dogs' in CYTR's care, unless special circumstances apply. This assures that you do have a greater chance at adopting a dog through CYTR. Once you have adopted, we truly do welcome you to join a great team of self motived, working, Volunteers!

Please also note that although we may place an animal in your home, we do insist that you return the animal to us for re-homing should your lifestyle change. They remain forever in our hearts.

*****We enforce spaying/neutering your pet.*****
The key to our success is through education.


If there is a particular animal on our website that you are interested in, please read our Adoption Process on our Website at and feel free to email us at and ask for our Adoption Application for that specific dog and one shall be emailed to you within minutes to a few days!

CYTR does not normally maintain a waiting list, but, you can obtain an Adoption Application in advance. Should you be willing to wait, your application may be considered for advance processing. Please check our website regularly as new rescues come in they will be added promptly.

CYTR does request references, and a CYTR Representative(s) will come to your home, at a pre-arranged time that is agreeable with all, and review the Application with you and your family. Note: all family members will have to be present at the time of the visit.

**Please also note that not all homes are suited for a rescued dog, and the decision should NOT be taken personally, as we are a Rescue..... our main focus is the dog itself. In our experience it is in the best interest of the dogs that come into our care. You will be informed of the Board of Director's decision.

If there is a specific rescue dog that you are interested in, once approved, a CYTR Volunteer shall arrange for the actual Adoption, i.e. - inform you of the dogs medical status, habits, food type and sleeping requirements, etc., an Adoption Contract will be filed, placement fee obtained. The adopter is responsible for transportation of the dog. We can try to help you with transport when possible. There is also a Provisional Period where CYTR reserves the right to revisit your home to assess acclimation of the dog to ensure that all is well for you, your family and the dog.

Otherwise, if we do "not" have a dog appropriate for your lifestyle at that time, you will be notified and your Application will be filed in our database.

We do apologize for any "timing" issues, please be patient, and feel free to follow up with us at any time. Who knows, your application may have merely been lost in the postal mail. You are welcome to ask to fax in your application in advance, although it will be reviewed, it cannot be "processed" until the original has been received via postal mail. Please always keep a copy of your completed Adoption Application !

CYTR will post dogs in need from other rescuers/rescuers, however, CYTR is not responsible for any correctness or accurateness of information. CYTR has merely extended a courtesy posting/listing to help an animal find its' way into a perfect forever home.

Kindest regards,

Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Rescue
*unpaid* Board of Directors

CYTR is NOT a Shelter!

CYTR does NOT have a shelter for you to visit at all - we take these rescues into our own personal, private, Home Environments for proper rehabilitation. Please visit CYTR's Website at
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