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Having been a cat owner all of my life, I can't tell you what pleasure and joy having a feline friend to come home to has meant to me. No matter what your day was like, what kind of mood you are in, they are always there with their loving eyes adoring you and ready to make your day alright again. I couldn't live without my precious kitty, and their are so many cats and kittens who need a home, if you are ever considering adopting, be sure to adopt a rescue cat. If you do, you will wonder what took you so long. Their love is immediate, unconditional and complete.

Who We Are

Furry Friends is a 100% volunteer based (NO paid employees) NO-KILL cat and kitten shelter in Barrie, Ontario. We have over 300 cats and kittens in our care, either at the shelter, or in our network of caring foster homes. We provide sanctuary, food, and veterinary care to our cats and kittens, with the aim to get them all into loving homes. The reality is that this just won't happen, and many of our cats have spent almost their entire lives in our shelter. If you can't adopt, please consider a donation. We are totally dependant on donations and our own fundraising efforts to keep our shelter going.

Please come visit us and help us give one more cat a chance at life outside of the shelter. Our website is: www.furryfriendsshelter.org

and you can email us at: adopt@furryfriendsshelter.org

thank you

Come Visit Us

Please come visit us at our shelter on 25 Hart Drive in Barrie, or when we are at Petsmart in Barrie. We have so many wonderful cats and kittens who all need loving homes. Don't make them wait forever, instead, open up your hearts and your homes for just one more. Life in a shelter is better than on the streets, but a home and loving family of their own is so much better.


Our Cats also go to PetValu located at Big Bay and Yonge and PetValu at the Wellington Plaza

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