Ottawa Cat Rescue (OCR)


Ottawa Siamese Rescue (OSR)

run through the Ottawa Humane Socity (OHS) and in assocation with Tabi Cats Persian Rescue

Our Pet List

Our Featured Pet...

Jazmin is a lovely longhaired torti who found the shelter too stressful and refused to eat anything there, she is currently in a foster home but would love to find a home of her own. Jazmin is a very quiet, tidy cat who is easy to look after. She's about 2 years old and already spay. Once settled in she adjusted well to living with other cats and wouldn't mind a home with one or 2 feline friends. While she is affectionate and loves to be pet she is indpendent and doesn't often seek alot of attention, which would make her a great second cat for someone looking to adopt a cat that is less "in your face" cuddly.
Contact Siobhan at (613) 725-3166 ext: 360 to set up a meeting with Jazmin if you think she might be the right kitty for you.


Who We Are

The OCR is a small group of volunteers and OHS staff who help place cats that are harder for the shelter to find homes for, have special needs or do not adapt to a shelter enviroment.
Many of the cats live in a foster home untill an adoptive home can be located, however some are at the shelter in thier adoption area waiting for that special someone to come in and adopt them.

The OSR is run by volunteers who are interested in rehoming siamese and related breeds who have become homeless or stray, while some of the cats looking for homes are from the OHS they might also come from other locations such as other rescue groups, owners, or other shelters.

Tabi Cat Persian Rescue is a rescue run by one person and a few foster homes, her main focus is rescueing persian and himalayans (and some mixes), however she has been known to also have taken in other breeds or cats for adoption that have been in need of a place to go untill they found a forever home on a very limited bases. The cats in Persian rescue come in all ages from adults to kittens.

Adopting a friend

If you see a pet you wish to iquire about adopting please contact Siobhan (pronounced Shivon) at (613) 725-3166 ext: 360 or via e-mail at for cats under Persian rescue contact Tabithat at Adoption fees include;
at least 1st vaccinations and deworming, Avid mircochip ID, collar and ID tag, and spay/neuter.

(canadian funds - Small and Furry pets)
Mice: $5 for one or mulitpules
Rabbits: $20 Tabi Cats Persian Rescue:

Come Visit Us!

While some of the cats are currently living in foster homes until a forever home is located they are always open to having potential adoptors visit them.
Some of the cats are waiting for an adoptive home at the Ottawa Humane Society and can be seen and adopted Mon-Fri from 12pm to 6:20pm and Saturday from 10am to 4:20pm, they are closed on Sundays.
For cats in Persian Rescue contact Tabitha for visiting times.
Ottawa Humane Society
(Ottawa Cat Rescue and Siamese Rescue)
101 Champagne Avenue South
Ottawa, ON K1S 4P3
Phone: (613) 725-3166 #360 or #255

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