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If you wish to adopt one of our pets we encourage you to browse through our list and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Please consider the fact that many pets live 10 to 15 years or more and adopting a pet is not a spur of the moment decision but instead a serious life changing decision.

A new pet brings so much to a home and what better feeling than knowing you saved a local animal in need and freed a space for another one needing foster care!

Who We Are

P.A.W.R – Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.R.) is a non-profit rescue organization operating out of Chatham-Kent Ontario. PAWR is dedicated to four primary objectives:

  1. Re-homing local domestic animals who are homeless, reducing the number of animals ending up in shelters.
  2. Lowering the number of stray animals within the community.
  3. Ensuring orphaned and injured wildlife receive proper care, rehabilitation and reintroduction to the wild.
  4. Educating the public and advocating on behalf of all animals.

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