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NOTE - If you are considering adopting one of our animals please review the adoption process outlined on our website Etobicoke Humane Society Adoption Process



The Etobicoke Humane Society (EHS) is an all-volunteer, registered Canadian charity serving the Etobcioke Community of TorontoOntario since 1987.

Service: EHS operates several service programs, including: 1) Cat and Dog Fostering and Adoption, 2) Cruelty Investigation, 3) Humane Education, 4) Public Relations and 5) Quarterly Newsletter - "Contact."

Administration: EHS is administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. EHS has several adminsitrative activities that support the service programs. These include: 1) Fundraising, 2) Membership, 3) Office Adminstration, 4) Finance.

EHS does not euthanize any animal due to overcrowding. Instead, we take in only those animals for which we have shelter or foster space.

EHS does not allow any animal to be used for research.

EHS ensures that, before adoption, each animal in our care is vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, and if old enough, spayed or neutered. Animals too young for spay/neuter at time of adoption come with an incentive certificate for a discount on future spay/neuter.

EHS is a federally registrered charity and may solicit donations and issue tax receips.

EHS has - since 1993 - been an independent afiliate of the Ontario SPCA, but is not funded by the OSPCA.

EHS operates strictly from donationsand its own fund-raising activities.

EHS is completely separate from Toronto Animal Services, Etobicoke Division (on the East Mall), which is funded entirely by the City of Toronto, with tax dollars.

EHS is complete separate from - and receives no funding from - the Toronto Humane Society.

EHS has cruelty investigators - licensed by the Ontatario SPCA - who operate within the original boundaries of the former City of Etobicoke, now a community of Greater City of Toronto.


Residents of the Etobicoke community bring animals to us knowing that we are a society that does not believe in euthanasia, except in cases where the animal is beyond help, and that we don't allow animals to go for research.

Main Goals:
1. To continue to improve the treatment of all animals.
2. To maintain the growth of our membership and volunteers, who are our only source of funding and staffing. 3. To create a cooperative relationship with the City of Toronto Animal Services' Etobicoke shelter, since working closely with them can benefit both the animals and the people of Etobicoke.
4. To raise the funds needed to open a full service shelter.

At the Etobicoke Humane Society, we are committed to rescuing injured, abused and abandoned animals. We couldn't do it without your help.

Volunteers are our most valuable resource. If you share our aspirations and would like to volunteer, donate or become a member, please give us a call.

Registered Charity #131167629RR0001. All donations of $10.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.


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