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Foster homes needed!   The Milton Animal Sanctuary is in need of foster homes.   If you would like to foster a dog or cat for the Milton Animal Sanctuary, then please contact us through the link below. 

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Our goal at the Milton Animal Sanctuary is to be proactive in the care and welbeing of our companion animals by offering programs that will support all members of our community.  Some of these programs include:

  • Offer low-cost spay/neuter program  to low income families.
  • Introduce our senior-to-senior program where we will match a senior pet with a senior to enrich their  quality of life.
  • Partner with Halton Women's Place to offer shelter to companion  animals of families that are leaving an abusive situation.
  • Introduce our How to Speak Dog program  to schools and  the general public where we teach children and  adults on how to read a dog's body language to understand what they are saying.   This will help to reduce dog-to-dog conflict and dog bite prevention.
  • Identify feral cat colonies and  introduce our spay/neuter/release program.


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