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The adoption process is as follows


  1. The applicant fills outs an application, which can be found on our website, Facebook page or can be emailed is the initial contact was by email.
  2. A Genesis Dog Rescue Adoption Coordinator reviews the application and screens the person to see if they are a good fit.  You will receive an email or phone call asking for information such as where the dog will sleep, how long the dog will be left, what your training plans are, how they will be exercised etc.
  3. We then verify the personal and vet references that you have submitted on your application.
  4. Assuming everything looks good so far, a home visit is scheduled where a Genesis volunteer comes to your home to assess the environment in which the dog will be living. The home visit is mandatory for any adoption to proceed as it allows us to visit with potential adopters to better get a feel as to whether the dog they are interested in will fit their lifestyle and activity level. It is part of our commitment to verify and counsel with each potential adopter. When we do the visits we may see something that needs to be addressed that the applicant might not think to mention.
  5. Once the home has been approved, we can schedule a "Meet and Greet" between the dog and the adopters. All members of the household must be present to meet the dog, including children and others pets, as this allows us to watch the interaction between everyone and see any potential red flags that might arise.
  6. Following the meeting, we always ask that the family take time to discuss and make sure everyone is in agreement about adopting the dog. If the decision is a "yes", then the adopter signs an adoption agreement with a minimum $400 donation. This donation allows us to cover medical bills and supplies in order to help other dogs in need, just as was done for the dog that you are adopting.
  7. We do not do trial periods with new adopters. Our belief is that this is too stressful on the dog, who has either already been shuffled around or has come from a shelter. It also does not really show the adopter the dog's true personality, as there is always an adjustment period when in a new home.
  8. All dogs spayed or neutered, are up to date on all their shots and have had a general physical before being placed. If and animal is sick or recovering from injury, we will not place the dog until he/she has fully recovered.
  9. ?Genesis Dog Rescue is a firm believer in 100% spay/neuter before adoption. We do not make exceptions as we feel strongly that this is an integral part of responsible pet ownership and we do not wish to contribute to the existing overpopulation problem. If we have puppies available (which is not often), they will be available to go to adoptive home with contract stating their spay/neuter date, which must be kept. Failure to do so would result in immediate return of adopted dog with no refund. They may also have an increased adoption fee

Who We Are

Genesis Dog Rescue is a small, non-profit rescue which was founded in Ottawa, Ontario in June 2011. We are an all-breed, all-size rescue and are registered as a Not-For-Profit Charity in Ontario #1861825 and throughout Canada #817052905RR0001. In order to be financially accountable and transparent to our clients and supporters.

Our fosters and volunteers are the heart and soul of the rescue, and the reason we are able to successfully rescue and adopt out so many deserving dogs.  We truly feel like a family of friends and in some cases we actually are family and it's just so amazing that we can share our passion together and have so much fun doing so.

Being a foster based rescue means that any dog in care with us is placed in a loving foster home and not in a kennel environment, as we strongly believe that they have gone through enough struggles and hardship in their lives. All of our foster families are devoted to showing and teaching the dogs in our care how to be part of a family and feel loved. We are so appreciative of our foster families who work very hard to give these dogs a second chance at a happy life.

Genesis' adoption process is fairly extensive because we really want to make sure every dog is going to their forever home, and that they are the perfect fit for our adopters. If any of our dogs ever needed to be returned we would always take them back without hesitation or judgement.

The adoption process starts when we receive a completed application form for a particular dog in our care. The first step is an initial phone conversation between the potential adopter and the foster family to determine if the dog is truly a good fit for their lifestyle and family. If we feel it could be a good fit then we conduct reference checks which include a veterinary reference and 3 personal references. These references give Genesis volunteers a good sense of how a dog has and would fit into your family environment and the type of care and attention your previous animals have received. Once the references have been cleared the home visit follows. We do home visits to see where our dogs will live, to get a better feel for the home and the neighbourhood, to assess any concerns and to basically make sure the dog will have all their needs met.

After we have approved the home we schedule a meet and greet with the entire adoptive family, including any pets and children that live in the home. This provides an opportunity for pets to be introduced and everyone can then see the initial reaction and interaction between the animals and people. The adopters can take the dog out for walks and can then get a good idea of the temperament and behaviour of the of dog in the foster home where the dog is most comfortable. If all goes well with the meet and greet, then the applicants have the option to proceed with the adoption. We do ask that they take some time to discuss it as a family and make sure that everyone is in agreement that this is the right dog for them.

All the dogs in our care that are adopted out are current on their vaccinations and have been spayed/neutered or will be on a spay/neuter contract in the case of a puppy. All of our dogs are also de-wormed, heart-worm tested and will be on a heart worm preventative when you welcome them home. Genesis dogs are seen by our veterinarian when they first arrive and for any subsequent medical issues that come up while in our care. This full medical history will always be disclosed to the potential adopter.

In order for Genesis to continue to address the medical and daily needs of all our dogs in care, an adoption donation is required for all our dogs. This donation is considered non-refundable as it all goes back to helping the existing dogs in our care. The donation is used to cover any costs incurred by the dog while they are with us and to help provide supplies for the rescue in order to help us bring in other dogs in need.

We are extremely grateful for your endless support in helping Genesis Dog Rescue become who we are today and help shape who we will become in the future.

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