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We are Melissa McClelland, Janine Stoll and Lisa Winn; best friends and musical co-horts for many years. All musicians by trade and animal lovers by heart.

We launched the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary in December of 2010 with the idea of starting small, but planning big. We currently keep our rescued animals in foster homes, but plan to eventually purchase property to build a sanctuary to house more cats, dogs and small animals, but to also to accommodate larger farm animals who are in need of a place to go.

We rescue our animals from 'high-kill' shelters. These are animals who would otherwise be euthanized by no fault of their own. We offer our animals love, shelter, food and medical attention. Animals stay in our care until we find a loving home to adopt them. When our sanctuary is built, it will also serve as a secure and permanent home for animals considered to be “un-adoptable”due to age or medical issues.

We strive to help reduce the extraordinary number of pets euthanized in Ontario each year by taking a load off of the shelters that are bursting at the seams with unwanted animals. We aim to promote the option of rescue adoptions over pet stores and we educate the community on the importance of neutering and spaying pets. At the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary we will nurture our animals to prepare them for a permanent home.

This is the Ladybird Sanctuary and we run strictly on donations and the kindness of others. All funds go towards the animals and the cost of keeping them healthy, happy and safe. Help us save these innocent creatures from an awful fate and find them a loving home to call their own. Our intention is to protect the welfare of animals who cannot protect themselves and give them a second chance at a happy life. Thank you for your interest and your support.

the Ladybirds
(Melissa, Janine and Lisa)

Registered Charity Number: 81591 1318 RR0001


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Please visit us at www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com

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