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Getting a rescue pet is not like buying from a pet store, where the only consideration is the ability to pay the asking price.  Many of our piggies have already undergone stress and upheaval in their lives, and we want to make sure that their next move is to a loving forever home.  For this reason, we do require all potential adopters to complete an adoption application form, to ensure that they are aware of the commitment they are making and the responsibility that goes with pet ownership.  The objective is not to place barriers in the way of a successful adoption, but to make sure that the applicant has done the necessary research and that guinea pigs are right for the family.  If you would like more details and an application form, please contact us.  


If you think you might like to adopt one or two of our piggies, please contact us for further information and an adoption application form.  Please note that guinea pigs do best in single-sex pairs or groups, or in mixed sex pairs where the male has been neutered, and Piggles only adopts out single animals to homes which already have one or more piggies.  Many of our available pets come to us as bonded pairs, and will only be adopted out together, and those ones are shown together in our Adoptable Pets list.  The ones shown singly will be paired up with another suitable lone piggie prior to adoption. 

If you don't see the perfect piggie on our Adoptable Pets list, please contact us anyway, as we often either have other piggies in quarantine (we quarantine all incoming piggies for at least two weeks, to minimize the risk of spreading disease or parasites, and to allow us time to assess their personality) or know of others coming in imminently.


Our adoption fee is $25 per piggie, which goes back to the rescue to help cover our costs.  If you do not already have a suitable cage, we might be able to sell you a used one at very reasonable cost.  However, we would strongly advise that all potential adopters consider building their own C&C cage, as they are much cheaper, better and more versatile than any commercially available cage.  For details, go to www.guineapigcages.com. 



Who We Are

Piggles is a small home-based guinea pig rescue in Blackstock, Ontario (NE of Oshawa).  We do not have a shelter, and our guests are looked after here and in foster homes and partner pet stores from Niagara Falls in the west to Peterborough in the east, north as far as Barrie and throughout the GTA.  

We are working to ensure that every guinea pig has a responsible, loving home where its needs are understood and met.  If you have any guinea pig related questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for information or advice.  

We do not take owner surrenders, as we work with a number of shelters and like to keep our available spaces for shelter pigs whose future might otherwise be very bleak.  However, we do offer advice on safe ways to rehome your pet, should you need to do so.  Please see our website www.pigglesrescue.com (Rehoming page) for details.

Piggles is a member group of Helping Homeless Pets, an organization which helps legitimate rescues to raise funds and find homes for pets which have become homeless.  Visit their website at www.helpinghomelesspets.com. 


Come Visit Us

If you would like to meet our piggies prior to making your choice (it's so difficult to choose just by looking at photos!), you would be most welcome to come and visit them once your adoption application has been approved.  Please e-mail to make an appointment.  Please note that most of our adoptable piggies are in our partner pet stores, so it may not be possible to view all our available piggies at the same time or place - our Adoptable Pets listing states the piggies' locations.


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