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image Oppies Best

Oppies Best - Almost Dog Food!

I still remember first meeting Oppie, I fell in love with her immediately. Oppie is such a sweet tempered mare, very kind and gentle. I didn't yet know her name, but her neck tattoo indicated a Standardbred racehorse. How could such a sweet horse have ended up in the meat pen? I knew I had to get her out of the meat pen, and give her another chance at living, so I scrounged up the money! Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited budget, every adoption funds the next save, and so on. Oppies Best was almost in the meat grinder! Read the rest of her amazing story in our local paper- Omemee Pigeon eFlyer- Horse Seeks Home : Oppies Best


Hey! We finally got with the times, and got a Facebook page, and a blog! We look forward to receiving your comments, and hope this will help you share our info with all your friends. We only have dial up so it may take a bit of time to get bunches of new pics on, please be patient. If you know of anyone who may be interested in one of our babies, or even in helping with funding for retraining etc, or support a less adoptable horse please feel free to share our info. Thanks for your support!!

I am thrilled to announce the addition of Tanya Smith, trainer extraordinaire, to our team (inthesaddle AT live DOT com)!!!! Tanya has a natural, non brutal & kind way of training and totally bombproofing a horse. She specializes in gaited horses. Many trainers are not familiar with the requirements of training a gaited horse, and can screw it up, making the training to gait even more difficult. Upon leaving Tanya's care, your horse will be pretty much bombproof, road and trail safe, any other issues can also be addressed. 'We are so happy to have Tanya on board, We have had other trainers, but Tanya is very special, and does a fabulous job! Thanks Tanya!! Yay!!!

Our adoption fees go towards saving the "next one(s)"(it is a snowball effect), please, if you or someone you know may be interested in one of our babies please don't hesitate to contact us. It is hard to have to let one go for meat just because we don't have the funds!

Who We Are

I am Christine Markle-Welch, my husband is Howie Welch, we started our rescue in May 08 as a result of watching so many nice horses end up going for meat. To date we have saved 78 horses from that terrible end and are always ready to help more. In addition we have assisted 40 other families successfully rehome their horses and avoid the meat men. We are a non profit organization although we are not yet registered, we believe that profiting from our horses situation would be wrong. Our goal is to save and find homes for as many horses as we possibly can and work on training those who need it so that they won't end up in that position again. I am blessed by my role in each of their lives and not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the horses that we have here, and my already adopted sweethearts and their new loving families. Our own personal pets are, Follie, my Arab/Standardbred cross mare, Mumford, our baby mule (mumfy for short), and our very large & very friendly goat Jacob. Our 3 yr old Morgn/Rocky Mountain horse Emma is going for training in the fall, her mother is Georgia a lovely mare who was 8 months pregnant and going for meat.....!

Adopting a friend

We encourage visitors even those not able to adopt and just want to come out & visit, I love to show them all off! Someone wanting to adopt must realize the responsibilities associated with owning a horse and be prepared to sign a contract with us. They must ensure proper care(vet, farrier) and that if for some reason the situation changes and they cannot keep the horse that it returns back to us

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