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there is a lot of work and time to process each
individual application, We ask you to PLEASE carefully consider if you
are READY and Truly Committed to bringing a new life into your home.

The pup of your dreams might live as much as 2 hours
away and you must be sure that all members of your family
are wanting this precious life to join your family circle.

what to expect/prepare for after filling out an adoption application
... shelters & rescue groups ask a lot of questions of prospective
adopters for many reasons.

Our goal is to balance the interest of the animals
and the adopters as many animals lose their homes
because their owners weren't prepared to
invest the necessary money and time to care
for a pet. In other cases families and pets are mismatched.

In an effort to make good matches between people and
animals and to place pets in lifelong homes, it's worth being patient and take time to carefully
consider what kind of pet - big or small, energetic or relaxed, older or younger - is right for you.

Therefore before filling out an application ask yourself some
questions that will help you figure out exactly what kind of
critter will best fit you and your family's
lifestyle and personality.

Our representative will come out and meet the family(Home visit

If all goes well be prepared to bring all family members along to meet
the dog you are considering for adoption as well
as any existing animals you have in the home
before we can finalize your adoption.

We thank you for considering to adopt a sheltered animal!







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ALLHE WANTS IS LOVE Teddy eight years old , he is abslutely adorable calm sweet and loves everyone and all . He will require thyroid meds twice a day for the rest of his life cost $28.00 month Please open your heart and home to him as he is such a wonderful boy He is fine with both dogs and cats

for further info e-mail at for our adoption form.


FOR AL YOU BERNESE LOVERS Lily one yesr and five months sweet adorable as known for the breed she has slight curve outward fron her knees ,For some breeds a slight noticable bow is normal., since birth you would never know she has the same quality of life as all her four legged friends she loves to run play go for walks she is so adorable loves all and everyone all she wants is love fine with other pets .

, For further iinfo e-mail at and we will e-mail you a copy of our adoption form.

JAMIE in her santa suite look at THAT SMILE Jamie eight years old sweet calm happy girl well manner iin home loves affection , going for walks enjoys car rides. She would do best in a quiet adult home Great with both dogs and cats sHE IS PLEASURE TO HAVE .

e-mail to and ask for our adoption application.

there is a lot of work and time to process each individual application.
====> PLEASE carefully consider if you are READY and Truly Committed to bringing a new life into your home. <====

A dog wags its tail with its heart

For further info e-mail


Arbed Rescue is non-profit organization that offers canine adoption services.

We are in urgent need of financial support
and supplies as we have no government funding
nor corporate sponsors therefore solely
run by volunteers to help provide the basic services for our
many companions that have been put in this unfortunate situation
through no fault of... (read more)



Debra, the founder created Arbed Rescue to help find
loving and forever new homes for abused, neglected
and abandoned animals. We lovingly provide
high quality food (Orijen & Eagle Pack), lodging, vetting, grooming and transportation.

All our dogs live in a cage-free beautiful home environment
with huge open spaces to run, play and socialize!
We take in dogs of all breeds and all ages.
Our dogs come from puppy mills, home surrenders, pounds,
kill shelters and strays. We have a strict NO- KILL policy!

We are also in urgent need of foster homes.
Please open your home and heart and become a Foster Care
Guardian by giving an animal a second chance
on a new life!

If anyone could also help our organization transport
animals to and from the vets, other shelters, pounds
and/or other rescue missions, or help take our dogs
for walks it would be most appreciated.

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Thank You Our adoption fee includes vaccines,spay/neuter, de-fleaing, de-worming, , vet exam and micro-chip.
In many cases the adoption fee is not enough to cover the dogs vet bill.

Most sincerely,
Debra ,

Testimonials Hi Debra, What can I say, except Riley has turned out to be a cocktail of breeds. I had his DNA done through a Canadian lab in Scarborough , Ontario. ( Very interesting mix. He has no real predominate breed, although Labrador retriever seems to top the list with the most DNA. (20%-36% -usually coming from grandparents). Then come 4 breeds at Level 4 which indicate 10%-20% Dna coming froma great grandparent. These are, Border Terrier, German Shepard, Ibizan Hound, and Poodle. The last is level 5, which is 9% or less. and considered a low level, and he has Siberian Husky. Right now, he seems to be shedding copious amounts of fur. I have to brush every day, as his undercoat is coming out in clumps. So I have a shedder, and I hope it eases up in the next weeks. We have turned many corners, with me learning about him, and him learning what rules there are in and out of the house. Since I use Cesar Millan's approach, it seems to work very well with him. He now exits a room or door behind me, and will actually wait until I go first. On our walks, he doesn't pull nearly as much, and some walks, he is right beside me almost as if I don't even have a dog on the end of the leash. Noises have been a big issue, and he is slowly getting used to the buses, big trucks, snow plows etc. Still a little skittish sometimes, but will walk with me or slightly behind me. I don't acknowledge the noise at all, nor do I talk to him, I just march on, and he seems to trust me in that respect. Meeting dogs is a pleasure, he wants to play immediately. Jumping up on people has been a little challenge, but its starting to ease off, especially when I have guests coming in. I tell everyone no talk, no touch, and no eye contact. When he is calm, then they can say their hellos. Seems to be working, but it will take a little longer. I must say though, he trains very quickly. He is very smart. I have met a wonderful Goldendoodle, that is 7 years that has a wonderful play time in his yard with Riley. We try to meet a couple of times a week, and does Riley ever run. I think that must be the hound in him, as the Ibizan hound is similar to a greyhound. He just loves it. Then after a good romp in the snow, we all go off for a long walk. This has been good, as Riley learns from the other dog to walk quietly and calmly. I have let Riley off lease in a park like area by the river, to see if he would come back on call, as he will in our backyard. Sure enough, he runs like the devil ahead, stops, looks where I am, and when I call or whistle, he comes roaring back. This has happened a few times, so I feel confident, that he is pretty good on the recall. In the spring, I will take him to an off leash park, and see how it goes with other dogs. I don't foresee any problems. It took a couple of weeks of walking before he would pee on our walks. And taking a poo, well that took much longer. Now he is marking a little, and will poo when he absolutely has to go. In the beginning, as he wouldn't go anywhere outside, he did do his business in the basement a couple of times. Then I went back to basics, as with a puppy, and had to take him outside and wait. And then praise and cookies when he went. Now he still looks to me when going out, but at least he goes out on his own, and doesn't hold back until I go out too. He always looks for me when outside doing his business, so I have to hide and watch to see if eventually he does his business. When he does, I rush to the door with a cookie and praise him. It has taken a lot, but now we are really settling into a routine, and I know his habits. He is very affectionate, and still thinks he is a lap dog. He has put on a little weight, He must be in the low 70's. and will try to climb onto my lap when we are watching T.v. I discourage it, as he is heavy, and I don't want him to start thinking he's the boss. I know right now I am the alpha, and its working well. He didn't like his paws touched, but I have been stroking them everytime he relaxes beside me on the couch. At first he didn't want to be brushed, but now he doesn't seem to mind. So, we have come a long way. Still a ways to go, as in car rides. Still won't get in. I have left it until the weather gets a little better. I will use his goldendoodle friend as an example of getting in without anxiety. We have had to walk to the vets for his shots, which luckily was doable. I didn't want to throw too many new things at him. I wanted him to relax, and know this is his forever home, and to trust me. So somethings are still in progress. He knows to sit, stay, and wait. Down, and settle is still in training. So, I hope you get the picture. The family just loves him, as do I. He is a great companion, and a joy to have around. It has been interesting seeing all his little traits, and according them to his genetic makeup. He is known around the neighborhood, and people seem to gravitate towards him, as everyone loves his markings. I am going to look into somekind of recreational "search and rescue". I think he would be good at it, as his nose is going all the time. I have a favour, would you please give me the background on him. What I got was very sketchy, and I would like to know as much as you have on his beginnings, or what his circumstances were. It will help me help him through training. He still skirts around vans, and gets nervous. going by them, especially if there is a man getting in or out. I would really appreciate it. First pic of Riley after coming home , then on a walk by the river, and getting some lovings from my sister. Take care Olga>

Hi Debra, Well we had a good trip home, . We have renamed Bijou. As you can gather from our names I am first generation Irish and Fr. Patrick came from Ireland when he was 15 years old. We have renamed our little guy "Finnegan" Which comes from the gaelic of Fineegah, which means little white light. As I write this to you he is asleep at my feet. He had a good walk or walks .Had a nap on Fr. Pat's bed, ate his supper had lots of water and has explored every nook and cranny of this big house. I feel very honored to have him. Fr. Pat and I were devastated when we lost our Guiness he went everywhere with us and we loved him. We both said that these creatures are given to us by the creator to teach us something about ourselves, to remind us of our potential to love and cherish. In this world of "eat or be eaten" they remind us to get in touch with our own potential to love without expecting anything in return. On the way home we both spoke about how we admire you for your work, it can't be easy to see them go and I watched you wave as we left. May you receive many blessings for the work you do.I will keep you up to date on "Finnegans" progress. Blessings. Monsignor Sean .

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ . Debra, thought you might like an update too. We all love her! I don't mind at all. I wanted to email you to thank you for providing such good care for her. It must have been hard for you to let go - she's such a lovely dog. She's obviously been through a lot but is beautifully adjusted for all that and that's down to your family. She has just been a delight so far - I can't get over how smart she is - she's going to be easy to train. Her and Maggie are getting along fine, although Maggie immediately claimed the new bed that we bought for Sophie, no surprise. But Sophie has claimed the couch (Maggie can't get on the couch unassisted) so I figure they are even. She's settling in well, was a little restless last night, moved around a bit, both the bedroom doors were open so I think she spent time in both as well as the two downstairs sofas.. Tail has been wagging most of the day today and she's never far away from a human.. We did a long walk this AM had her off leash behind the soccer fields and she was great - ran a bit ahead to meet another dog at one point, but booted it straight back when we called. We just got back from another walk and she turned into the driveway when we came up to the house! I can't get over how smart she is. Not the best picture in the world, but I'll send more when my camera has new batteries.. Hopefully, she'll have gained a few pounds by the next update… Thank you, thank you!!! Gerry

Faster than we could have hoped for. They really seem to fall in place when we are outside with Lady. Tara and Sabrina follow Lady's lead. Tara is quite the snuggle bunny. Sabrina loves the love seat as she gets it all to herself. We've started working with them with a clicker. Everytime they respond, they get a treat. I just hope I don't get them fat as a result. They have accepted us and Lady and we have fallen in love with them. We talk to them with encouragement and they respond well to it. For nearly being 4 months old, they are very well behaved and that only reflects positively on you. I hope you are ok with it if we refer you to people looking for a companion or 2? The work you have done with them is incredible and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Dianne and Kirk.

Dear Janice, Hi. We are the couple who adopted Pippa last week and I thought I'd let you know how she's getting on. She is settling down very well and is getting on well with our other dog, Archie, (also a cocker spaniel). They are very similar in their ways, although Pippa has more energy. Archie is 5 years old and doesn't seem to want to jump around like Pippa does! But they play and run around together and of course, bark together - when one starts the other has to give support! But it's no more than we're used to with Archie, usually when someone walks by or on hearing a sudden noise. Pippa has also been very good at night. She likes to sleep in Archie's bed during the day (both their beds are in our living room) but at night she'll go to her bed while Archie Sleeps on his. On Tuesday I'll be taking Pippa to the vet to have her stitches checked out and also have a general check-up. After that I will clip her nails and maybe trim the hair around her feet. As you probably know, she is very easy-going so I'm hoping there won't be any problems doing that. She is very good when I take her out and I have to say that she behaves even better than Archie on the lead. She is good at walking to heel which Archie seems to fight against. Maybe she'll be a good influence on him... Anyway, we are extremely happy that she is proving to be a great companion for Archie and for me & Colin. Thankyou very much. Audrey & Colin Moden PS - We were wondering why at first she didn't really respond to "Sandy", then I read your letter! Subject: Fluffy (a.k.a. Cooper) Hi Debra, Just dropping you a line to show you some pics of Fluffy. He is doing very well and has bonded with Buster incredibly. One doesn't go anywhere without the other. We gave them both summer haircuts and Fluffy was very good at the groomers. When we got him home, he pranced and turned into a puppy again, bouncing around and running all over and playing more with us and Buster. It was nice to see. You could tell the haircut made him feel good. Too funny. The dogs look forward to 2 walks a day and are doing very well on their food. We found an all natural powder for the dogs tear stains and it is made by Nuti.Vet called Tear Stain-Less and can be found at Pet Value. It has made a huge difference with both dogs. We did some research on the Angel Eyes that you recommended and found that it can cause liver problems and that it has an antibiotic in it. We were not comfortable with the side effects, so decided to go another route. We recommend your rescue to anyone looking for a new pet. In fact we have friends that have fallen in love with our dogs and are now looking for a Shit Zhu or Bichon Frise for themselves. They want a male that is out of the puppy stage and completely house trained and good with kids (not a huge barker). So if you come across a dog like this, send me an email and I will forward it onto to them. I browse your website from time to time and find it very difficult not to adopt them all! Keep up the great work you are doing with the dogs and take care, Julie & Stuart Simpson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! Wanted to let you know Boomer is doing fantastic!!! He rode exceptionally well in the car for just over 3 hours with one stop. He’s taken to his new home surprisingly well. After exploring the yard, he now knows his boundary and he does in fact have very good recall. He’s truly a spectacular and very well behaved young man. He loves his ball rope toy along with his new ones. We only had to show him his toy basket once and he actually will take his toys back to it and drop it on the floor before getting a new one. Which now seems to be a very fun activity as he likes to get a toy and show everyone, take it back and then proceed to empty the basket. We took him out to the pet store and he got to pick out a few of his favorite things. After that it was off to the dog park to play fetch which he very much enjoys a full speed run and brings the ball back nicely. Although he can overshoot the return! ;-)) He found the only mud puddle in the entire dog area… hence we headed to the beach where he found himself in the water. He’s quite the swimmer and absolutely loves the water. He found a very cautious male sheep dog and made friends instantly. He’s taken to his new beds after a little coaxing… once he found he can lay half off of them, he’s quite taken with the idea. His first night was awesome. He bunked down in his bedroom bed (room for 3!!!) and slept through the night. Didn’t make a peep at all. Then we took him out first thing and he took care of all his business. Since then we learned about his basket emptying desires and new found love for a Frisbee! He quickly learned to flip it over on the ground to pick it up! We’ll keep you posted, yet here are a few pics of him settling in. You’ll see in one picture his basket in the upper right hand corner, a couple new toys and his ½ on ½ off lounging position. Here’s a link to more pictures and I attached a couple for quick review. Once again… many many thanks. We’re so grateful to have found such an accurate description and fantastic beginning obedience training. He’s so gentle and sits exceptionally well. Oh… at the beach his recall was 100%!! Very pleasant surprise for us!!! Email anytime with questions! Stuart, Bettina and Boomer! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Debra! Well Kelly has been with us now for over a month and it feels like she's always been here. She's settled in so well and we've all fallen in love with her. She is such an amazing, sweet dog, loves to play with the kids and snuggle on the couch. Her ear infection took another round of antibiotics to clear up but she's all better now and loves to get her ears rubbed. The vet suspects she may have allergies so we'll be keeping an eye on that. Right now she is healthy, happy and very well loved!!! I've attached some pictures for you. Thanks for bringing her into our lives! Kim Mechura

Hi guys just wanted to send an update on peaches. my girl is doing great.
peaches is all adjusted to her new home now and is very happy. we have got her house trained,
took about 3 weeks. still working on everything else lol. she loves to chase shadows,
i guess because she's deaf she see things most dogs dont pay
much attention to. peaches enjoy her walks everyday with her new bud chance our boxer. Our mastiff past away
2 weeks ago so we are all still ajusting to the loss.
He had a good run though made it to 11 and a half years old, which is great for such a big breed.
guess it was all the excersise and love we gave him. Peaches sleeps between me
and my wife everynight. she wants to be touching you when she sleeps so she knows if you
get up. she's such a cuddle bug. Peaches never wants to be alone always following us.
She sleeps in the bay window though the day most
of the time, i think she likes all the lite she gets there. We take her to the dog park on weekends
so she can play with lots of dogs and get her tired out.
she loves her whale toy and her chuckit. Peaches is 45 pounds now but i think thats as big as shes going to get.
anyways i attached a new pic for you guys. keep up the good fight. Rob, Nat, Chance and Peaches

Dear Debra, I can't tell you how much we are greatful to have Scooter in our life. Here is a snapshot of the first 24 hours. Marshey ignored Scooter on the way home. Marshey is not one to accept a stranger quickly. I held Marshey in my arms and petted and sat next to Scooter in the car. I talked to both of them calmly and tried to make both of them feel accepted. Scooter threw up twice in the car due to some car sickness and uneasiness as to what was happening to him. We quickly and quietly dumped the vomit out and away we went as steadily as we could. I reassured Scooter that all was fine and that we would be home soon. My voice was calm and loving. Scooter accepted our daughters very quickly by giving them a lick and cuddle. The girls in turn put coats on them, harnessed and leased them and away the family went for a walk down our road. Walking two dogs on leashes is going to take some coordination but we are all up for the challenge. The dogs will always have a adult with them when out for walks. Soon it was time for supper. Both dogs were very patient and polite. There were no problems with fighting for food. What a pair, many children could take a few lessons from these two. Scooter sniffed and explored his new home and settled in quickly into his warm and cosy bed by the fireplace. Marshey kept bringing Scooter toys to play with and Scooter followed Marshey where ever he went. It was bath time for Scooter so in the tub he went. As I was scrubbing Scooter, Marshey kept looking in and feeling very sorry for Scooter. Many times Marshey and Scooter would rub noses together, Scooter in the tub and Marshey just outside. It was quite the sight to see. Marshey was commiserating with Scooter as bath time for Marshey is not his favorite. To be fair, Marshey was next in the bath. Then it was Scooter's turn to be empathetic. For Scooter, who is a wonderfully kind and sensitive dog, this was not a stretch. It was time for bed and I gave Scooter the option to sleeping with us in the queen bed or his own bed on the floor next to ours. Within a millisecond Scooter indicated his preference by jumping onto our bed and making himself at home. There we were two adults and two cuddly little beings all snug as bugs in a rug. Both dogs are like peanut butter and jam, strawberries and cream, or milk and cookies, they just fit together so well. Marshey has never had a friend that is so accommodating and so loving, he is sooooo happy (tail up in the air, not a growl or a fang in sight, just smiles). Scooter also has a friend that is like a big brother to show him and teach him all about the fun that he can have at our house. Having Scooter in our home feels as if he has always been here. He is the most wonderful little guy, filling our house with warmth and love. We love him so much already. Marshey and Scooter are on their way to being their own BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (BFF's). Thank you so much for giving us the privilege to spoiling, taking care of, and loving Scooter and making our home complete. Sincerely, Sheila, John, Isabella & Juliana P.S. As soon as I get some good photo's I shall send them your way. The camera is out and ready. Please tell the original owner how much we love Scooter and how well he has adapted to our home. We are greatful to have him.

Hi, Just got Caber's (changed his name from Casey -- it just wasn't workin' for us! -- we're Scottish!!!). Anyhow, just got back from the vet and he is going on a serious weight loss program. Wanted you to know. He needs to lose 12 lbs. He is in great shape besides his weight. Are putting him on a liquid glucosamine/Omega blend for joints and coat. He is to lose approx. 1/3 lb per wk over a period of 45 wks. She doesn't want him losing the weight too quickly, just like humans. We are buying vet food, because they know exactly how many calories are in the measurements of food, whereas we can't tell from the stuff we were buying from Wal*Mart. It is high in protein (makes them feel full) and is low in fat. The woman at the vet is a weight loss specialist, so we really trust her. We are serious about our commitment and the goal we have set for Caber. He has such a laid-back personality, and is so cuddly and loving. The vet says that if we are diligent, he will live a long and healthy life. As he loves the car, it is no problem taking him weekly to the vet for "weigh-ins". He sure was lucky when Archie found him on your website, Debra!!! I'll keep you up-to-date... Cheers, Jan

Hi Debra, Just a quick update on Ralph for you - what a wonderful dog he is! We are so blessed to have him!
The cats are slowly but surely coming around (noses a little out of joint) and Ralph is so gentle and
patient with them. He no longer barks at the horses and today he stayed in the arena
whilst we rode. Every morning and night I go out to the barn he is at my side, when I go
into the paddock to put out the hay he runs and runs and runs! A self-exercising dog! Who could ask
for more...... he always comes when he is called back in and has learned not to run
around the horses. Still working on him NOT trying to play with the chickens..........
He 'taste tests 'all buckets of water to ensure they are good for the horses and loves playing
with all the dogs who come to visit. He spent his first day at the shop on Saturday and we
figured out it's glasses (or sunglasses) that make him bark! Take them off and he is instantly fine!
The fencing is almost complete - one more piece to put up along the side of the pool
and a gate on the driveway. He sleeps with either me or Emily either on the bed or next to it.
We are thinking of taking him to the agility classes in Brockville as he

loves jumping the horse jumps............ Hope all is well with you and that you don't miss him too much Thanks again for chosing our home for Ralph Helen

Hi Debra, Penny is a total joy. She has been to see the vet (all great, except,
as you know, a bit chubby) we have enrolled in puppy class (start in a few weeks), she has had a puppy
play date, she has been in the car, met about 50 people in the barn, gone for nice long walks
through the fields, has had a puppy sitter, has met horses... I know it sounds like a hectic
schedule but it has been well spaced out through the week. She sleeps on her bed in our room or Mark's room. We've had a few accidents,
but as we get more attuned to her body rhythms and signals we'll be just ducky! She loves being outdoors and watching the horses in the
ring. She has sat nice and quietly with Jeff while he taught. I take her for her walks on a 20' line made for horses so she can run,
stop, sniff and by the time I have walked the distance she is ready to run again. We still have tons to learn, but she is a perfect
addition to our lives. Thank you so much : ) I'll keep you posted and send photos, Bridget

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